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Types of Appraisals
In the art world having a knowledgeable and experienced appraiser appraise individual art works is one of the ways of establishing the value of a piece of art. People want appraisals for different reasons:

  • To determine the value of an art work to insure proper insurance coverage. 
  • To determine the proper value of art work for the settlement of estates.
  • To determine the value of art work that you own and want to sell.
  • To determine the value of art work you want to donate. An appraisal may be required by the IRS for tax purposes.

 There are two types of appraisals: the fair market value appraisal and the replacement value appraisal. The replacement value appraisal is used for insurance purposes. The fair market value appraisal is used for the settlement of estates, for donated works and when you want to sell art work you own.

We do Appraisals for Midwest Artists
My thirty years of experience in buying, selling and appraising art works gives me a broad background to draw on when doing appraisals. These are only a few of the many artists I have bought, sold or provided appraisals on their art works:

  • Les. C. Kouba - oil paintings, watercolors, pencil sketches, scratchboards, prints, etc.
  • Richard W. Plasschaert
  • Charles Peterson
  • Terry Redlin
  • Maynard Reece
  • Michael Sieve
  • Dave Barnhouse
  • Other Minnesota and Midwest artists
  • and Angus H. Shortt, Canadian artist and big Ducks Unlimited artist. 

The fees cover formal appraisals, letters to insurance companies, etc. Appraisals are for personal usage, not for income or tax purposes. The cost for these appraisals runs as follows depending on the depth of the appraisal you want or need:

  • $30 - $60 - $100       For prints and other items
  • $75 - $100              For Watercolors published and unpublished
  • $100 - $200            For oils published and unpublished 
  • $30                            Minimum Charges -- No Free appraisals, No Exceptions.
                                      Use bottom button to purchase a $30 appraisal.

Note: This will not be a certified appraisal but will be based on my years of experience, knowledge and know how. It will be accepted for insurance purposes, etc.

Contact Arlen Axdahl by phone or email

We accept checks, cash or Pay Pal (buttons below). The deal will be transacted over the phone. Then use the appropriate Pay Pal "Buy Now" button below.
Make checks payable to: Arlen Axdahl
                                       PO Box 490
                                       Titusville, FL 32781

Prints and Other Items
Watercolors - Published & Unpublished
Oils - Published & Unpublished
Use this button below when you want to purchase a $30 appraisal.

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