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2011 Minnesota's Largest
Sporting Collectibles Show



Arlen Axdahl

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From the Medina Ballroom at Medina, Minnesota, April 9th, 2011. 

Featuring Fishing Lures, Duck Decoys, Spearing Decoys, Hunting Equipment, Advertising Signs, Posters, Calendars, Books, Magazines, Traps, Cabin Decor, Bobbers, Spears, Knives, Shell Boxes, Rods, Reels, Licenses, Sporting Art, Game Calls and much more.

As with past shows, there was excitement in the air. I got up really early and drove in fog to get to the Ballroom. Of course, I missed the sign and had to go back several blocks only to find the parking lot packed. A good indication this 16th annual show was going to be a full house of filled tables and eager fishing lure enthusiasts ready to show their wares to the customers due to arrive in only hours.

Wally Wegleitner and his family run a well organized show. (meet Wally) I was really fortunate to receive a great booth location from Wally when I checked in. It was the last booth before the path to the restrooms. Sooner or later everyone has to pass this way. A great opportunity to show my wares and chat with a lot of people. There were over 200 tables so I was really happy with my location.

Setting up the booth was my next project. Moving everything in from the car took some time even though I had a borrowed two wheeled cart. After all the boxes and art work were in I got the booth set up. (see my booth) There was a bit of time for a quick cup of coffee and a donut I brought along for just this purpose. You can't chat all morning without a little donut energy. Now I was ready to greet the old friends from the past shows and years. And there were many who stopped by. There was even time during the day to get out and visit a few friends at other booths. I took some pictures while roaming the show. See those pictures below

The big conversation of the show was the winter with no end. But I did sell a lot too. Dark House Spearing mugs and the Heading for Shelter floor mats were the two big sellers. I still have a few for sale. If you're really interested and just have to have one of these items, give me a call or drop me an email.

I was even surprised to meet the lady who does my website. She and her husband, from Madison, MN, brought a friend to the show. It was good that she was able to attend as eventually she'll have to help me with the write up about the show. Everyone who would like to attend, can't. So I like to provide a little write up with pictures on my website. That way I can share a bit of the show with others. A few pictures can really tell a whole story.

The show ended up being a good time for everyone. I really enjoyed catching up with old friends while making many new friends. There will be another great show next year too. I'm already looking forward to it.

Wally Wegleitner, show organizer.

The booth only looks this neat at the beginning of the day. Hopefully all the products will be sold by the end of the day.

This was the booth across the way from my booth.

Anyone want to fish? One of these should get you the BIG fish.

Or would one of these be better?

This fellow has won man awards with his lovely decoys.

Here you can see all the people roaming from table to table.

This only shows a small portion of the 200 plus tables. Walking up and down the isles makes me thing there were way more then 200 dealers.

Hope you enjoyed the little bit of the show I captured to share with you.


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