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2011 Minnesota Decoy Collectors
Association Show Report



Arlen Axdahl

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The 2011 Minnesota Decoy Collectors Show is a very well run show held each year at the Ramada Mall of America Hotel. As in past years, it was well attended with many collectors participating in the room to room trading, the Friday night auction and the Saturday booth day open to the general public. 

I had my camera handy and took quite a few pictures of what happened. Especially of the Saturday show. I've included them at the end of my written impressions. So be sure to take a look at them

Every year a large feature of the show is the room to room trading. Where people just leave there doors open and you walk in to show that special item or decoy that you have to offer. Later you may offer the same item or decoy to the public at the Saturday show. 

This year I was able to meet some special advertisers, going door to door. Plus, many friends I haven't seen for years. An added joy was meeting many of the nice people who receive the emails I send out every 2 weeks, or so, inviting people to stop by my website,, to see what is new. 

This year, as in past years, I have table number 18 when I set up for the Saturday show. You will find me at the same table next year too. To better identify my booth/table area I had a new sign made. Thanks to the hotel's staff for helping to hang it. You can see it in the pictures below hung above and in the back of the booth wall. 

We were really lucky at an auction that took place a few weeks before the show. There were a lot of unique Les Kouba items that were on the auction. I was lucky to win the bids. So I decided to offer the items for sale at the show and put the remaining items on my site. Some of the items were Darkhouse Spearing coffee mugs (they sold really well but I still have some if you're interested), Darkhouse Spearing belt buckles, Darkhouse Spearing cube, for personal notes, Darkhouse Spearing door mat (also a good seller), the Les Kouba T-Shirt and many other smaller Les Kouba giftware items. See our giftware page on this site to see what other items are available.

Of course, I also brought a number of original art works by Les Kouba and others. These are my real love. I'm always happy to make Les Kouba's art works available to others.

Helping me with my booth was my life's partner, "Dioscora" Cora with her trusty lap top. There are a couple of pictures of her in the booth. The booth was really busy so it was good to have the help. 

I have a few pictures of other booths or items in other booths. Particularly colorful is the booth with a table full of colored fish decoys. I wish I had more shots from around the Saturday show but I was so busy visiting at my booth I didn't get a chance to do more. But next year I will, because I really enjoyed this time of looking back to share with those who couldn't make the show.
 2011 Minnesota Decoy Collector's Button

Arlen Axdahl's booth at the 2011 MDCA Show

Working to set up the booth.

Another view of Arlen's booth at the 2011 MDCA Show

Cora takes a few minutes to catch up on a call.

Cora at Arlen's booth at the 2011 MDCA Show

This was a neighbor to our booth.

Neighboring booth at the 2011 MDCA Show

A lovely collection of miniatures that at another booth.

Miniture duck decoys at the 2011 MDCA Show

One of the lovely decoy fish could make your fish spearing 

Table of fish decoys at the 2011 MDCA Show

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