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Minnesota's Largest
Sporting Collectibles Show
2012 - 16th Annual



Arlen Axdahl

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From the Medina Entertainment Center, Medina, Minnesota, April 14th, 2012 

Featuring Fishing Lures, Duck Decoys, Spearing Decoys, Hunting Equipment, Advertising Signs, Posters, Calendars, Books, Magazines, Traps, Cabin Decor, Bobbers, Spears, Knives, Shell Boxes, Rods, Reels, Licenses, Sporting Art, Game Calls and much more.

The 16th annual event is an every year happening that thousands of people attend. Weather, the economy, or the the price of gold or silver are not factors when deciding to come sell, trade, barter or buy sporting related items. People come from around the US and Canada to attend this collectibles event.

Doors to the public open at 9 AM sharp. Before this time vendors are busy carrying in from the parking lot on 2 wheelers, by hand, pushed, pulled, or any way required to get their sale items to their assigned tables. If you're lucky you get a wonderful location. Most vendors like the same location every year so the customers know where to find them. I'm no exception. My great table location by the door is the same place every year.

It seems as if every year I have more stuff for my booth, than I had the year before. This year I was fortunate to have original oils by Richard W. Plasschaert at my table. I am an agent for Mr. Plasschaert, an award winning artist in Minnesota. You will want to check out the Richard Plasschaert pages on this site to enjoy his captivating wildlife and memory scenes.

The crowds are always fun, the sales were ok, but the fun seems to out weigh all else. People come just to say "Hello" to their friends and to exchange stories about the past year. In the following images enjoy the sights, sounds, smells that make up Wally's 2012 Fishing Lure Show. 

I hope you have a great visual journey as you explore the images of the show... till next time.....Wink. 

Wally Wegleitner, show organizer.

Wally the show organizer.

My booth looks fuller this year. I did bring new oils painted by the artist Richard Plasschaert. Below is the painting featuring Canada geese.

Arlen's table location at the Medina show.

To the left of the Canada geese picture is the oil of a couple of wild turkeys. Such intricate work to paint the ground cover.

The Dick Plasschaert's oils of Turkeys and Canada geese.

Richard Plasschaert allowed me to display several new paintings in my booth. Not all of them show up in the pictures included from the show. But his new paintings are really nice. Perfect for any wall. To give you a better chance to really enjoy these new prints I'm going to include four of them below.

Richard Plasschaert's oil painting of "Turkeys."
  • Title: Turkeys
  • Artist: Richard Plasschaert
  • Image Size: 20" x 30"
  • Type: Oil painting on panel
  • Framed: Unframed
  • Signed: Lower right corner
  • Background: 
  • Retail: $5,500.00
  • Contact: Send Arlen Axdahl an email  or Call:  321-360-9435 cell


Richard Plasschaert's oil painting of "Lesser Scaups."
  • Title: Lesser Scaup
  • Artist: Richard Plasschaert
  • Image Size: 20" x 30"
  • Framed: Unframed
  • Type: Oil painting on panel
  • Signed: Lower right corner
  • Background: 
  • Retail: $5.500.00
  • Contact: Send Arlen Axdahl an email  or Call:  321-360-9435 cell


  • Title: Down the Lane
  • Artist: Richard Plasschaert
  • Image Size: 16" x 26"
  • Type: Oil painting on board
  • Framed: Unframed
  • Signed: Lower left
  • Background: Long drive down the lane to the farm house.
  • Retail: $3,300.00
  • Contact: Send Arlen Axdahl an email  or Call:  321-360-9435 cell


  • Title: Hill Top
  • Artist: Richard Plasschaert
  • Image Size: 20" x 30"
  • Type: Oil painting on board
  • Framed: Unframed
  • Signed: Lower left
  • Background: Lazy afternoon for these Holstein cows in the pasture at the top of the hill..
  • Retail: $5,500.00
  • Contact: Send Arlen Axdahl an email  or Call:  321-360-9435 cell


I hope you have enjoyed Richards new paintings.

This picture of the loon, also done by Richard Plasschaert, was sold at the show.

Dick Plasschaert's Loon original sold at Arlen's booth.

Just a relaxing moment, before all the crowds of people show up.......  All of  that stuff, my goodness, people buy this?

Booth owner taking it easy until people begin stopping by his booth.

Careful with all those hooks!.

There must be a fishing lure here for you.


Then I called for my dog, "Trusty," to get the duck I downed, 
and he was chasing rabbits, just when I needed him the MOST....

I'm renaming him, BAD BOY.
"He scared the WHOLE FLOCK OF DUCKS OFF....after that ....

This is a booth dedicated to duck prints and decoys.

reasonable priced as well........I think I'll take that one there, The "Mallard Drake."

Another booth featuring duck decoys.

Here is a large collection of hunting traps.

A collection of wildlife traps.

No Les Kouba originals but still very nice pictures.

This site has two nice winter deer scenes and a lot of duck calls for sale.

Looks like we're nearly at the end of our tour of the Medina show. I'm getting thirsty.

This picture promots the old Gluek beer. Nice to have on a hunting trip.

It's been a long day. Time for a little refreshment.

Time to stop for a little refreshment at the Medina show.

Hope you enjoyed the little bit of the show I captured to share with you.


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