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Les Kouba Giftware



Arlen Axdahl

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The giftware on this page is truly unique. Supplies are limited. I was fortunate to find the Les Kouba mugs and mats with other items on an auction held in Minnesota earlier this year. The items were available for sale before Les died in 1998. After his death they were forgotten about until I bought them and decided they would make a great addition to my website. I'm sure you will like these vintage items too. 

The mugs and the mats were great sellers at the three shows I attended this spring: the 2011 Minnesota Decoys Collectors Show, the 2011 Minnesota Sporting Collectibles Show and the Perham Show (write up to come). Supplies are limited so, if you would like a pair of mugs for your fisherman or a mat for your door, then don't wait. Drop me an email and tell me what items you're interested in. 

Buy 1 for $6.00
Buy 2 for $12.00
and get 3 buttons

Do you LOVE Les Kouba's art? And you want to share that love with others too?

Then I have just the gift for you! and for others! It's the "I Love Les Kouba Art" button. It was a success at the 35th Annual MDCA Decoy Show in Minnesota. People stopped at my both to talk a little art and tell me how much they enjoyed Les's watercolors. Many took away a button for themselves and another for a person they knew shared their love.

Now we are selling the buttons at one for $6.00 dollars or buy two for $12.00 and you get a third button for FREE. Shipping is also FREE.

Email Arlen to complete the sale.


Coffee mugs featuring Les Kouba's "Darkhouse Spearing."

2 mugs for $45.00

Darkhouse Spearing Print
as seen on the mug

Coffee Mugs

A large handled mug in bright colors depicting the famous "Darkhouse Spearing" print by Les Kouba. It's a perfect gift for anyone who loves spear fishing in the winter or any fisherman. An ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas or other gift needs.

The mug was made in China. Hand wash the mugs. They are not recommended for the dishwasher.

We have 25 mugs available. They are sold as a set of two. The price for two mugs is $45.00. Shipping and insurance is included.

Email Arlen to complete the sale.


Floor mat of Les Kouba's print "Heading for Shelter"

Headin' for Shelter Floor Mat

Headin' for Shelter Print

Floor Mat of Les Kouba's print "Canoe Country"

Canoe Country Floor Mat


Floor/Door Mats

This floor/door mat is a full sized image of Les Kouba's "Heading for Shelter" print. It's a great gift for any pheasant hunter or wildlife enthusiast. A unique gift for any gifting occasion. Or even as a gift to yourself.

The mat is 24" by 35 1/2". It's 100% polyester with a non woven face and a urethane backing. Machine washable in cold water only. Air dry only. Made in the USA.

There are only have 3 mats remaining. 
Price is $55 per matt and includes $10 to cover shipping.

Email Arlen to complete the sale.





The Canoe Country Floor Mat is also a copy of one of Les Kouba's prints.

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