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Kouba illustrated three books: Open Horizons, Reflections from the North Country by Sigurd F. Olson and The Wilderness Life by Calvin Rutstrum.

There are many different types of original art works. Books often require illustrations. A good example of one type art work are scratch board illustrations. An artist draws a picture on the scratch board and then scratches off the drawing in the pencil marks. When the upper surface of the scratch board is scratched off the under surface that is black is left showing. This leaves a black and white picture. A good example of this type of illustration was the art work done by Les Kouba as illustrator for the book, Open Horizons, by Sigurd F. Olson and published by the University of Minnesota Press in 1969.

 Kouba also did the same type of illustrations for two other books published by the University of Minnesota,: Reflections from the North Country, 1976,  also by Sigurd F. Olson  and The Wilderness Life by Calvin Rutstrum and published in 1975.

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