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Sept 13th, 1998, a legacy passed into history, some 13 years ago, where did all the time go 13 was his trademark, & lucky number…just count the ducks in his art work. The anniversary date, of the death of Les C. Kouba from Hutchinson, Minnesota is fast approaching, least we forget…... The contribution that he left to all of us… in wildlife art, richer for certain in memories of the past, with the future to enjoy as well. Collectors & admirers of his work, checking to see if they have something possibly of value in les kouba art, passed down to them probably, check his name out on the web & sooner or later find my web site to help them discover what they really have 

I am always surprised & pleased to receive a call & discover some other treasures unknown to me, but a prize possession of some one located in, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona, Florida, in that Kouba art has wound up in there care, maybe forgotten until now…but holds his treasure dear, in spite of the world in recession, perhaps wanting to sell it or get it appraised. 

Having left behind a world of creation on canvas, board & paper that the upper midwest & the world had never seen before. We still remain enamored in the thousands of kouba watercolors, sketches, pencils drawings, oils, in the form of window art, (Coke) murals, calendar art, advertising art, logos, limited edition prints & commissions only to name a few that he gave us to enjoy. This small boy on that Minnesota farm, during the depression, had no idea, what impact that he would make on the world of wildlife art.

How by taking an art course by correspondence, helped to change history, with an impact on the cola cola logo, federal duck stamp programs, groups like Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, & etc, state ducks stamps, benefited from his labor over the years till his death in 1998. As he walked home from school, in those early years, doing farm chores looking into that Minnesota sky, filled with the geese, ducks, pheasants, or who knows what…only he did something about it…he painted them. He in return, became world famous. Giving us a glint of 
past gone days, that probably will never return to the glory days of old. 

He worked very hard, as well as smart in life, to see the rise in the popularity of his work, as the "movement" for conservation became the real deal. Groups from around the country enjoy his work, & embraced his style in wildlife art… To raise a family, to serve his country, & to make it, doing things "The Kouba way" that he knew so well. Well, Les thank you again, for 
helping myself find my way in life, helping people to learn about your art, & to offer a successful web site to the public to help honor you & all the work that you did for every one, & the enjoyment that you brought to the masses. …… Rest in peace, Job well done. 

Arlen Axdahl, Titusville Florida, August 29, 2011.

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