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Michael Sieve
"Leaving a Message" Sculpture



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Michael Sieve's "Leaving a Message" Sculpture
  • Title: Leaving a Message
  • Artist: Michael Sieve
  • Image Size: 18" L x 8 " W x 18 " H -- 35 lbs
  • Type: bronze sculpture
  • Signed
  • Retail: $2,200.00 each (100 Limited Edition sculptures)
  • Retail: $2,600 each (10 Artist's Proof sculptures)
  • Shipping: Can be shipped direct for $45.00
  • Contact: Send Arlen an email
  • Call: 3321-360-9435
    Mail: PO Box 940 
              Titusville, FL 32781

About "Leaving a Message"

Any serious deer hunter, and bow hunters in particular will recognize the behavior of the buck that Michael Sieve has captured here in bronze. 'Leaving a Message' is a portrait in bronze of a rutting whitetail buck as he licks an overhead branch above a scrape. This is not only a visual message, but more importantly a scent message to all the deer in the area.

Whitetail deer are very scent oriented animals. And although they rely on their sense of hearing, and on their sight, their most acute sense is their sense of smell. It is not only their primary defense, but is an important tool of communication as well. By creating a line of rubs, and scrapes a rutting buck is sending a message to all of the deer in the area. He is communicating in the woods where whitetails evolved. He is leaving a message.

Michael Sieve Says...

In 1999 I did a bronze sculpture of a running whitetail deer, held up in mid-air by a cast antler. It was produced and marketed by Wild Wings of Lake City, Minnesota. It was called 'Deer Country' and was very widely accepted by the public and was very successful sculpture. At the time I had planned to do more sculptures, perhaps one per year. But life gets busy and complicated, and I am after all primarily a painter and not a sculptor. I found myself unable to keep that promise that I made to myself. Now, fire years later, I have finally produced another sculpture

I learned some lessons the first time around. They were valuable lessons and I was able to apply those lessons to this sculpture. This sculpture, for example, is a lot more 'hands on' then was the last one. That is another way of saying that it is a lot more work, but with more personal satisfaction as well. As an artist, and as a serious deer hunter as well, I am very pleased with the results of those lessons learned, and with the extra involved, it was worth it to me.

I hope you agree.     Michael Sieve

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