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Plates and sculptures in this collection are by various artists. The prices of the various items are marked but there is an added price of $12 for shipping. To purchase one of these lovely plates contact Arlen Axdahl at 321-360-9435 or email


Artist,            Print,           Certificate,   Number,      Size,       Price

Terry Redlin   Sunday Morning,   C,   9769A,   8 1/4,"   $37.50 

Dave Barnhouse,   Saturday Night Special,   C,  730A,   8 14,"   $37.50

Rosemary Millette,   Royal Mist Elk,   C,   1562,   9 1/4,"   $37.50 

Les Kouba,   Christmas, 1986,   No,.   637,   8 1/4,"   $37.50

Neal Anderson,   Uncle Virgils "M,"   C,   899,   9 1/4,"  $37.50 

Les Didier,   Winter Grotto,   C,   2510,   9 1/4,"   $37.50

Jesse Barnes,   Autumn Thunder,   C,   2278,   10 1/4,"   $47.50

Ted Blaylock,   Bring Up a Grandchild,   C,   16,   9 1/4,"   $37.50 

Oz Franca,   Blue Navajo,   C,   21,   9 1/4,"   $37.50 


Artist,            Print,           Certificate,   Number,      Size,       Price

Terry Redlin,   House on the Hill,   C,   3074,   6"x6"x5,"   $67.50

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