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Terry Redlin

Terry Avon Redlin (July 11, 1937 – April 24, 2016) 
Few artists can rival the standards of excellence achieved by Master Artist Terry Redlin over his 30- year career. He is truly one of the country's most widely collected painters of wildlife and Americana. For nine consecutive years, 1991 through 1999, Redlin was named America's Most Popular Artist in annual gallery surveys conducted by U.S. ART magazine. His induction into U.S. ART's Hall of Fame in 1992 followed the magazine's poll of 900 galleries nationwide which, that year, placed five of Redlin's limited editions in the top 11 in popularity. Over the life of the poll, 30 prints were included in that list. His use of earthy colors, blazing sunrises and sunsets and nostalgic themes are often cited as the reasons for his immense popularity.

Redlin's interest in out-of-doors themes can be traced to his childhood in Watertown, South Dakota. A motorcycle accident ended his dream of becoming a forest ranger, and he opted to pursue a career in the graphic arts. He earned a degree from the St. Paul School of Associated Arts and spent 25 years working in commercial art as a layout artist, graphic designer, illustrator and art director. In his leisure time, he researched wildlife subjects and settings.

In 1977, at the age of 40, Redlin burst onto the wildlife scene when his painting "Winter Snows" appeared on the cover of The Farmer magazine. By 1979, demand for his work had become so great that he left is art directing career to concentrate on painting wildlife.

Redlin's meteoric rise has been unparalleled in the field of contemporary wildlife art. In 1981 and 1984, he won the Minnesota Duck Stamp competition, and in 1982, the Minnesota Trout Stamp contest. He also placed second that year in the Federal Duck Stamp Competition. He has been honored as Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited (National and Minnesota), and as Conservationist of the Year-Magnum Donor by the Minnesota Waterfowl Association for his gifts of entire print collections. The National Association of Limited Edition dealers has three times presented him with the "Lithograph of the Year" award for excellence in the medium.

In 1987, Redlin began exploring his interest in Americana subjects and nostalgic scenes of yesteryear, painting several images for his American Memories and Country Doctor Collections. Since then, his annual Christmas prints have attracted thousands of collectors from coast to coast.

In 1992, he completed a series of eight paintings entitled, "America the Beautiful". All eight paintings, which depict American life from the settling of the west to the present day, were released as limited edition prints over a three-year period, ending in January, 1995. The series has been showcased in art and consumer magazines nationwide, and it has been acclaimed by thousands of collectors. The video presentation, "Terry Redlin Paints America the Beautiful", earned a coveted Telly Award in the 1993 national competition.

In 2004, he completed "An American Portrait – A Collection of Heartfelt Firsts". This collection of seven paintings took Terry Redlin nine years to complete because of the personal and emotional connection he had to the story.

Terry Redlin derives the most satisfaction from his conservation work. Over his 30-year career, his donations to Ducks Unlimited raised more than $40 million, setting an all-time record in art sales for wetland conservation projects. By his own estimate, he has donated several million dollars of art to other nonprofit conservation organizations.

Redlin's most compelling project was the construction of the Redlin Art Center, a gallery featuring his original art. Located in the artist’s hometown of Watertown, South Dakota, the $17 million museum is Terry Redlin’s gift back to the State of South Dakota in appreciation for an art scholarship he received after graduating from high school in Watertown. The Redlin Art Center is open year-round and admission is free.

Terry Redlin passed away on April 24, 2016 after a nine-year struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 78 years old.

If you are interested in learning more about his life and his painting, Wikipedia is a good source. Another source to learn more about Redlin's life and see many of his works is the site. 

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