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Easy to do. Just email us up to 40 words telling us want you want your classified ad to say. We'll do the rest.

Classified Ad Rental Fee: 
   9 Months = $75.00
   12 Months = $100.00
Send Arlen an email with your ad and use the Buy Now button below to pay.

Renew Your Ad:
9 months for $40
    12 months for $60
Send Arlen an email with your renewal and use the Buy Now button below to pay.
Local Minnesota Collector Has Framed & unframed Art
Watertown, MN, collector has framed, and unframed art prints from the 80' & 90's
   Artists included are: Terry Redlin, Les kouba, Bev Doolittle, Jerry Raedeke, Bruce Millerm Brian Jarvi, Steve Hamerick, Daniel Smith, James Meger, Steve Hank, John Green, Scot Storm, Ron Van Glider, Carl Brenders, Rick Kelley, and many, more.
   Some Bev Doolittle prints included are: UF, "Prayer for the wild things," UF, "When the Wind had Wings," Plus other artists and their prints on this list. Call for Price Quotes. Some prints are framed, some are unframed, they are in excellent condition, Local Delivery is OK in Minneapolis, MN and Metro area, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Wire transfer. Buyers responsible for shipping charges, Contact RICH, 612-240-8139 cell, images, price information on request.


Giant Wisconsin Art Collection Available to the Public
A Wisconsin business has approximately 41 framed art prints (most Signed & Numbered) from a private collection available for purchase. Artists include in the 41 are: Robert Bateman, Owen Gromme (Winter Shadows-Ruffed Grouse), Terry Redlin (Spring Fishing), Kevin Daniel, Michael Sieve (Indian Summer), David Maass, Michael Dumas, Leo Stans, Richard Plasschaert (Flooded Timber Woodies), James Killian, Ken Carlson, Nancy Glazier, Don Koetzke, & many others. CLICK to see the complete list, the artists and the titles. ALL ART FRAMED: offered framed, or unframed, Asking prices & OFFERS WELCOME, MUST SELL, MOTIVATED SELLER, Buyers responsible for shipping expenses, Payment: bank wire, cash, checks, Art located New Holstein, WI, Contact: Patrick, 920-827-2801 cell or text, images provided on request.

Collector has Mary Pettis Originals
Long time MARY PETTIS ART COLLECTOR has 10 originals for sale. Very RARE items, her originals are rarely available on the secondary market.
    Subject Matter:             Sizes:               Prices: 
1. Pheasant                22" x 28"            $5,500
       2. Canadian Geese     30" x 41"            $7,500
       3. Elk                         22" x 28"            $5,500
       4. Grouse                   16" x 17"            $4,500
       5. Mallards                 20" x 26"            $5,500
       6. Snow Geese           21" x 30"            $4,500
       7. Big Horned Sheep  24" x 42"            $8,500
       8. Swans                    24" x 36"            $8,500
       9. Deer                      15" x 25"             $5,500
     10. Wood Ducks         22" x 30"             $6,500
Best offers discussed, Art in EXCELLENT condition, E-Mail images on Request, Sold framed only, Buyer is responsible for shipping charges, Payment: Cleared Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, local Minneapolis, MN, delivery possible, Contact: Roy 612-723-3881, cell images on request.
Ducks Unlimited Collector Has D.U. Treasures
David A. Maass - International Artist of the Year, 1988-89
    "Greenhead Alert," Ducks Unlimited Gold Medallion, Framed, Double
     Matted, 3086/5300, excellent Condition, Asking $600.00 + plus
     approximant shipping cost of $160.00.
Terry Redlin - 50th Anniversary, 1986-1987
     "Golden Retreat," Framed, Double Matted, 2698/5000, Ducks 
      Unlimited, Golden Anniversary, Commemorative Edition, Excellent
      Condition, Asking $1,000, plus approximant shipping const of $160.00
Excellent Condition, Best offers accepted, Framed only to ship, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Local Pick-up OK, Buyer responsible for shipping, Motivated seller, JACKIE 601-614-2583 cell, text images available.

Georgia Collector Has Prints by Terry Redlin and other Artists
Terry Redlin
    Hunters Haven, Framed, C.E. 1033/5700, Asking price $550.00
    Campfire Tales, Framed, C.E. 576/6000, Asking price $350.00
    Shoreline Neighbors, Framed, C.E.  1913/6000, Asking price $350
    Total Comfort, Framed, 570/6000 Asking Price $450.00
    Autumn Traditions, C.E..1017/3600, Ask Price $400.00
Other Artists
    Legacy, The Camp by Nettie A Jones, Framed, 292/600,
        Asking Price $300.00
    April Dancers by Danny Driscoll, Framed, 52/480 (Turkeys),
        Asking Price $300.00
    Broken Solitude-Whitetails by Larry Zach, Framed, 195/925 C.E,
       Asking Price $350.00
    High Country Music by J. W. Thrasher, 195/520,
       Asking Price $400.00
    Wapiti Challenge by J. Brooks, Framed, 167/570,
       Asking Price $400.00
Best Offers Accepted, Offered framed, unframed, Payment, PayPal, Cleared Check. Buyers are responsible for shipping charges, or local pick up offered. Douglas, GA. MOTIVATED SELLER, Contact: Mary Ann 912-384-8998 Cell, text images available.
Green Bay, Wisconsin Collector has Prime Items
    Quiet Afternoon, by Terry Redlin, 336/720, Excellent Condition, 
        Asking $550.00
     The North Wind, by Herman Adams (Native America Art), framed ,
         160/750, Asking $450.00
Best Reasonable Offers accepted, offered framed, or unframed, art in Excellent Condition, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Buyer responsible for shipping charges, Local pick-up OK, Art located near Green Bay Wisconsin, seller willing to text images to serious buyers, Motivated Seller, Contact: Greg 820-676-1949 Cell or Text messages.    
California Collector has Redlin, Bateman, and Carl Brender Art Prints
Robert Bateman, Framed "Sierra Evening Mexico
," 29/1250, Excellent Condition, $400.00
    Carl Brenders, Framed, "In Northern Hunting           
," 22/1750, Excellent Condition, $400.00
    Terry Redlin, Framed, "Morning Solitude,"
       8706/12,107, Excellent Condition, $475.00
     Terry Redlin, Framed, "Evening With Friends,"
        9848/19,5000, Excellent Condition, $700.00
BEST OFFERS Accepted, Buyer responsible for shipping, framed, or Unframed in a tube, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Local delivery, if possible, MOTIVATED SELLER.. Contact: Tracie 909-731-4295, Text images available if serious buyer
North Dakota Collector Has TERRY REDLIN "Ducks Unlimited" Art Prints
     Clear View, D.U. Print, 293/1500, framed, excellent
         condition, Asking $699.00
      Evening Company, D.U Print, 528/1500, framed,
          Excellent condition, Asking $699.00   
      Night Light, D.U Print, 222/1500, framed, excellent
          condition, Asking $699.00
      Delayed Departure, D.U. Print, 716/1500, framed,
          excellent condition, Asking $699.00
      Twilight Glow, 505/1500, framed,  excellent
          condition, Asking $499.00
      Morning on the Green, Encore edition, framed,
          excellent condition, Asking $199.00
Willing to offer framed or unframed, buyer responsible for shipping charges.
BEST OFFERS accepted, would entertain offers on several framed prints, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check. Possible to meet if potential buyer is close, Twin Cities, etc., Images available upon serious request. DIANE: 218-259-9200, text of images possible...    
Florida Collector Has Terry Redlin & Bev Doolittle Prints
Terry Redlin
    Wednesday Afternoon (Doctor Series), 3883/6800, framed
        Asking $499.00
    House Calls (Doctor Series), 1612/6800, unframed, Asking $499.00   
    That Special Time, 48/240, Artist Proof, framed $999.00
    Golden Retreat, Ducks Unlimited 50th Anniversary, 1988, 1460/5000,
        Asking $1,499.00
    Moonlight Retreat, Ducks Unlimited, 1988 Flyway Collection, 2901/5300,
        Asking $1299.00
Bev Doolittle
    Sacred Ground, 43,238/ 69,996.00, framed, UV Glass, Asking $599.00
Best Offers Accepted, Payment: cleared check, cash, buyers responsible for shipping, framed or unframed, Motivated Seller, local pick up possible, For email images, or MORE Information, Call, or text JACK, 239-850-6889, images on request.
Arizona Collector has framed Art Prints
    Terry Redlin, Lifetime Companions, 262/29,500, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $599.00
    Tom Mansanavez, King of the Hill, 247/750, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $399.00
    James Meger, Two Deer, Open Edition, 1993, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $399.00
BEST OFFERS ACCEPTED, open to lot price on all 3 items, $1299.00. Payment: cash, PayPal, personal check, buyer pays shipping, framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping, Cell pics possible. Contact Mary at 319-651-4680, cell or text. MOTIVATED SELLER.
Minnesota Collector Has 4 Framed Terry Redlin, DOCTOR SERIES
    "Morning Rounds," 2004/6800, framed, excellent condition, Asking $599.00
    "House Calls," 1875/6800, framed, excellent condition, Asking $599.00
    "Wednesday Afternoon," 4470/6800, framed, excellent condition, Asking
    "Office Hours," 4299/6800, framed, excellent condition, Asking $599.00
Best Offers are welcome on single items, or the entire lot. Best Offers on the entire set is $1999.00, Plus delivery charges, shipped framed or unframed, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Bank Wire transfer, possible willing to travel to meet buyer if reasonable distance, buyer is responsible for shipping fees,  texted
images possible to serious inquires. Contact: Scott, 320-248-4548 cell or text. Motivated Seller.
Dark House Spearing Print, by Les Kouba, for Sale
Private collector / dealer has an unframed, DARKHOUSE SPEARING print by Les Kouba, 1143/3000, the price is $1200.00 plus shipping of $25 insured. This print is 29 years old, very minor damage (small dings). Contact Arlen at 321-360-9435.
MN Collector Has Original Watercolor, "Fly Fishing," by Les Kouba
   "FLY FISHING," by Les C. Kouba, is available from the original owner. It is framed and read to hang. Framed size is approx. 22" x 35," image size is approx. 14" x 22."  See the watercolor.
   Buyer is responsible for shipping & Insurance charges. Willing to ship framed or unframed. Local Pick-up possible in Brainerd, MN area. Payment: Cash or Cleared Check. Asking Price is $2499.00, or Best offer. Calls are being taken by ARLEN AXDAHL 321-360-9435 cell or test..
Plates, Gift Items, & Hundreds Of Art Prints Available. 
FLORIDA collector has hundreds of plates from the following artists: Terry Redlin, Jesse Barnes, Robert Abbott, Darrell Bush, Ozz Franca, Steve Hanks, Sandra Kuck, David Maass, James Meger, Rosemary Millette, Mike Sieve, & others. There are also gift items & hundreds of unframed art prints. Open to offers. Shipping quotes & best offers entertained. Call Arlen for inventory names & titles - 321-360-9435 cell or text.
Collector Has Les C. Kouba, Angus H. Shortt Paintings 
North Carolina collector has 
   Les Kouba, oil on canvas, "Evening Flight," circa 1946, signed canvas
   3 Angus H. Shortt paintings: Mallards, Wood Ducks, Red Heads, for
   asking prices, sizes. 
Calls are being taken by ARLEN AXDAHL, 321-360-9435 (cell or text), on these originals.
Charles Peterson Watercolor for Sale by Private Collector 
Private Collector has decided to sell the "Vintage" Charles Peterson Watercolor: THE GOOD OLE DAYS. It is an original watercolor, unpublished, Peterson who is know for the American ghost works. If you enjoy ghost watercolors you will this one. It is framed: 28"x 36", Image: 20" x 28." Asking: $6,495.00 + shipping charges of approx. $123.00, 2 day, US Post Office insured. For more information contact Lee - 804-539-4691. cell or text.  IMAGE
Private Collector Down Sizing Eagle & Wolf Art Collection. 
Artists: Rick Kelly, Terrill Knaak, Don Breyfogel, Picken, & Nelson. 
On Freedoms Wing
, Artist Proof, (Eagle) Rick Kelly, Framed, asking $475.00 
No Title, Artist Proof, #13/80, With Color Remark, (Eagle), Terrill Knaak, Framed, asking $325.00
Shadow Hunter, 174/747, (Wolf) Don Breyfogel, Framed, asking $325.00
No Title, 106/600,(Wolf), Terrill Knaak, Framed, asking $275.00
Legends of Baseball, 1909-1953, 22 Baseball Cards Replicas, Framed, asking $350.00
Royal Flush, 2045/2200, (Deer), Picken, Framed, asking $325.00
Eagle with Landscape, (Eagle) Nelson, Framed, asking $250.00 
PHOTOS provided upon Request. Will Discuss, Shipping, Insurance, Fees. Located Southwestern Minnesota. 
Best offers Considered. Contact Tom: 507-828-6960 cell/text

Dark House Spearing Print for Sale.
Private collector / dealer has a Framed, MINT, DARKHOUSE Spearing print, 22576/3000. Asking $1,800.00. 321-360-9435. Arlen

Minnesota Pheasants, Wisconsin Waterfowl, & Texas Waterfowl Stamp Print Collection.
*   Entire Minnesota Pheasant Habitat stamp print collection, from 1983
     to Present,  first 15 prints are framed, Asking: $ BEST OFFER 
*   Entire Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp print collection, from 1978,
     the present, first 20 Prints are framed, Asking: $ BEST OFFER 
*   Entire Texas Waterfowl Stamp print collection, from 1981 to present, 
     first 17 Prints are Framed. Asking: $ BEST OFFER 
Each of the above listed prints comes with 1 unsigned stamp, 
Contact; Larry Steen, 262.723.4970. Elkhorn, WI.
Les Kouba Items, Giftware, Art Prints, & Large & Small Originals Plus Other Items
Great Christmas gift items: The Classic Series, matched number set, small & large Kouba pen & ink sketches, large watercolors, small watercolors, published oil paintings, published watercolors, giftware, playing cards, Kouba dolls, gag gifts, drink coasters, and 1978 Minnesota A/P Minn Duck. Be sure to check out our Ebay listings, by, "ARTSELLERUSA." Contact for details: cell - 321-360-9435 call or text
Collector, Dealer With Huge Collection: Redlin, Kouba Meger, Plasschaert, Sieve, Doolittle, & Others 
Redlin: Startled, Rusty Refuge #3, Dr. Series, Evening Solitude, Evening Chores & book. Kouba: Bills Past Due, Megers: The Gathering, The Storm, Black Jack. Plasschaert: Prairie Pothole Blue Winged Teal. Sieve: Northern Guard, Dream Buck, Hunters Moon, The Gathering. Doolittle: The Sentinel, Sacred Circle, For more information see the display ad. Contact Arlen: 321-360-9435 cell.
Wonderful Wildlife Originals, James Meger, Les Kouba
James Meger original, "Song Bird in a Cherry Tree," 6" x 8" image, framed, image available on request. Asking $3,900. Rarely on the Market, Meger Originals.
Les Kouba, "Early Winter Scene," Original with blue bills coming to rest in winter sky, open water, Image available upon request. framed size, 21" x 28," image size 14" x 20." Asking price $2,499.
For images and more information, please contact Arlen Axdahl, 321-360-9435 cell
National, Local, International Artists
B. Framed Gallery (, since 1976. Originals, Canvas, Prints, Two Story Art, Fine Art, Custom framing, 313 South Barstow Street, Downtown Eau Claire, WI, 54701. Ask for Cindy at 715-832-4476.
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