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Easy to do. Just email us up to 40 words telling us what you want your classified ad to say. We'll do the rest.

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   12 Months = $100.00
Send Arlen an email with your ad and use the Buy Now button below to pay.

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Wisconsin Collector Has 3, Originals Available.
Wisconsin collector has 3 Terry Doughty originals available:
   "Big River Challenge," 32" x 44", Framed, (Eagle)
   "Woodland Wanders," 31" x 43, Framed, (Deer
   "Prod Vixen, 34" x 44", 34" x 44", Framed (Foxes)
   Your choice $4,500.or best offer.
All ART IS Artist Signed. Framed art located in Waunakee, Wisc, Private collector down sizing. Asking prices are your choice of Deer, Eagle, or Fox,
subject matter $4500 or best offer. (Your Choice), Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Wire Transfer, Inspection possible. Art is in Framed, Mint Condition,
Buyer is Responsible for shipping charges, Local Delivery is possible.
   See on Ebay, under Terry Doughty Original Art. For more details 
Dean 608.770.3932 Cell or text, Text Images Available upon request.

Minnesota Collector Has Full Minn. Pheasant Collection
    Minnesota collector has a FULL SET of, 38 framed , Minnesota Pheasant stamp prints, signed & numbered, mint stamps. Asking $9800.00, or BEST OFFER, FOR THE VERY SERIOUS COLLECTOR. From 1983 Daniel Smith to the last one ,Mark Kness, 2020, a total of 38 framed prints with mint stamps. 
   Local pick up or delivery, NO SHIPPING, INSPECTION POSSIBLE, PAYMENT: CLEARED CHECK, BANK WIRE, CASH OK. Art located in Southern Minnesota, will travel to Twin Cities for delivery... Or ?
    This is a chance to get EVERYTHING IN ONE PURCHASE. All items are in Excellent Condition, NO Damage, WE DO NOT SHIP, Images available to SERIOUS BUYERS, for more information contact MAYNARD: 507.581.6402, CELL, images available on request,,,,





Longtime Collector selling Massive "DUCK" Collection
   * Federal Duck prints, First of States; 1st IOWA, 1st Illinois, 1st Maryland, and many more.
   * NFWF, Duck Stamps, Certified Mini sheets, FDC, Ward Bros, Gordon Grant, etc.
    * Fine artists: Darling, Clark, Magee, Reece, Bierly.
All of HIGHEST QUALITY. A collector's dream of inventory. 
    Most Art Sold & Shipped flat, shipping responsibility of buyer, Very experienced in packaging duck prints, stamps, etc., Payment: cash, PayPal, money, wire other, See eBay store at Ducksta 18, Art located in Central FL. Images available via text messaging. Too many items to mention, jus call for list or description, Motivated Seller, CALL NOW: leave text messages, ok. Contact: Mike 617-306-3946 cell/text, images on request.
Minnesota Collector Has, Terrific, Framed, Les Kouba Art
     Northern Bills Moving In, 924/1500, framed, Asking $345.00
     Bluebills Visit Indian Point, 2358/4400, framed, Asking $375.00
     Doe to Drink, 824/900, framed, Asking $285.00
ART IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, Best offers accepted, Discount on lot prices, Payment: Cash, Personal Cleared Check, Motivated Seller, Art in "Twin Cities Area," Local delivery OK, Buyers responsible for shipping. Contact: NORM; 612-219-8049 cell / Text images to serious buyers.
NEW YORK Collector Has Great Framed Wildlife Art Prints
Terry Redlin
    Hunters Haven, framed, 2167/5700, $799.00:
    Shore line Neighbors, framed, 2271/6000, C.E. Edition, $449.00
Ron Van Glider
    Wind and Waves, framed, D.U,  4147/5600, $350.00
David A. Maass
     Fruits of Your Labor, framed, 700/4800, $
     Mallards & Pintails, $385.00
     Evening Flight (Pheasants), framed, 512/1200, $425.00
Robert Bateman,
     Morning Glory, framed, 354/4800, $450.00
Best Offers Accepted, ALL ART IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, Framed or Unframed, due to ship expenses, Payment: Cash, PayPal, Cleared Check, Buyers responsible for all shipping charges, Motivated Seller, Contact: DAN: 845-768-2571, cell, text images upon request,...PLEASE NOTE: ARLEN: 321-360-9435 cell in Florida if no response to first cell number.
Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA)
The MDHA is an organization of nearly 20,000 member community of deer and deer hunting advocates. They are dedicated to building hunting and conservation legacy through habitat, education and advocacy,
  *  WHITETALES is their magazine, published 4 times a year. Subscribe
      at the website. WHITETALES is an
      opportunity to learn more about deer and deer hunting.
  *  2020 Print of the Year  This year, "At the Crossing," an original 
      painting by Minnesota artist James Hautman, was chosen. Two sizes
      of the print are available; Small, unframed, $60 and Large, framed, 
      $160. To purchase: contact MDHA at 218-327-1103.


10 Wonderful Framed Terry Redlin Art Prints in Minneapolis, MN
    Country Neighbors, framed, 3920/4800, excellent condition, 
       Asking $549.00
    Changing Seasons "Spring," framed, 222/960, excellent condition, 
       Asking $599.00
    Homeward Bound, Framed, Open Edition, Signed, excellent condition,
       Asking $249.00
    Together for the Season, framed, Open Edition, excellent condition,
       Asking $249.00
    The Sharing Season II, framed, Open Edition, Signed, excellent
       condition, Asking $249.00
    The Sharing Season, framed, Open Edition, Signed, excellent condition,
       Asking $249.00
    Back to the Sanctuary, framed, 575/960, excellent condition, 
       Asking $475.00
    Night Flight, framed, D.U. Artist of the Year, framed, 157/360, excellent
       condition, Asking $899.00
    Evening Company, Minn. D.U., framed, 1024/1500, excellent condition,
       Asking $499.00
    Banded Canada Geese, Minn. Waterfowl Stamp, 3944/7800, framed,
       excellent condition, Asking $199.00
Best Offers accepted, Art is in Mpls., Minnesota for easy pick-up, offered framed, or unframed. Payment: Cash, Personal Checks, Offers accepted on total package or single units, For more information, Contact: BRIAN, 612-226-1771, CELL OR TEXT, Images can be provided with serious offers.
Private Collector Has Thomas Kinkade & Michael Goddard Art
Very Special Art and Canvas Items - Very Rare Ones.

   Thomas Kinkade
       Beginning of a Perfect Day, framed, (number unknown), Canvas Edition,
       asking $800.00
       Beginning of a Perfect Day 3, framed, 162/320, Canvas, asking $1475.00
       Evening Majesty, framed, Paper Edition, 4030/4950, asking $995.00
       Peaceful Retreat, framed, Canvas Edition, 59/325. $1550.00
       Mountain Retreat, framed, Canvas Edition, 212/500, asking $1475.00
   Michael Goddard
      "Praying for 7", unframed, 153/500, Canvas Edition, asking $1450.00
      "Custom Martini", unframed, 175/300, Canvas Edition, asking $975.00
Buyer pays shipping and insurance, Payment: Cash, Check, seller is willing to offer unframed for shipping, possible meeting if convenient, OPEN TO BEST OFFERS. Ronnie Scott: 618.376-5022, text or call for more information on prints and canvases.
South Carolina Collector Has Terrific Art Prints
Jeanne Barnes, 1985, framed and matted, ORIGINAL print, (Black & White
     image) The scene depicts 4 workers in bib overalls working on the train
     tracks, Asking $300.00
Heywood Hardy, "Run to Earth," framed, "Re strike" of the original 
     engraving, hand colored, (OLD ENGLISH STYLE) a hunting scene of
     gentlemen on horses, with the fox hounds, ready for the hunt.
     Asking $400.00
Rosemary Millette, South Dakota wildlife artist, framed, "Rustic Rooster
     Pheasants" 540/2663 Asking $300.00
Les Didier, "Moving on, Great Blue Heron," framed 1983, simply lovely,
     72/85, Artist Proof, Asking $325
John Seery Lester, C. E., Loons, 1988 D. U. framed, original, signed stamp
     print, with 2 stamps, Asking $275.00
J. Partee, "Rum Creek Woodies," 1988, framed, (Wood Ducks), 
     2008/3000,  Asking $300.00
Roland Sloan, framed, Duck Print, copyright 1980, Mallard, Drake &Hen,
     Duck Stamp print size, Asking $200.00
Mort Kunstler, framed, "We the People," 595/2000, depicting a scene from
     1787, the Free press, Asking $325.00
Prices as quoted, OPEN TO BEST OFFERS, willing to ship framed or unframed, payment: cash, PayPal, buyers pay for shipping & insurance, texted photos of images are available upon request if desired. MOTIVATED SELLER, Diane 843-592-1545 cell or text, text me for an image.
Collector Offering Great Terry Redlin Art
   Terry Redlin
   Nitelite, S. Dak, D.U. 1985, 593/1500, framed, $499.00
   Prairie Skyline, 282/960, framed, $1,499.00, 
   Winter Haven, 73/500. framed, $649.00
Elizabeth Horning   
    Corrine's Iris  canvas, Framed in Aluminum , $349.00
Best Offers Accepted, framed, unframed for shipping, Call for images, Willing to TALK. Shipping charges negotiable, payment cash, or cleared check. Questions answered gladly. Contact Douglas: 863-286-8189. 
Private Collector Has Large Array Of Valuable Art for Sale 
Major Artists included: Terry Redlin, Rosemary Miner, P. Buckley Moss, & Others.
    Golden Retreat, 2726/5000, by Terry Redlin, 
    "Tidal Music" by Rosemary Miner, 18" x 24", Oil on Canvas (famous
        California Artist),
    "Lesson in Patience", by P. Buckley Moss.
Other well known P. Buckley Moss framed prints, and other artists including: Frank Huat, Charles Russell, Hoerner etching; Nancy Kelly, L. Archie, Frank Huat, Call for Prices & Details. 
All items are framed (ship framed or unframed), shipping & handling are discussed. Willing to send IMAGES. Cashiers check, cash, cleared check, all items are in Great condition. Contact Barbara: 407-380-3440, Call for a quote.
Private Collector Has 2 Francis Lee Jacques Watercolors For Sale 
Mpls, MN, private collector, has 2 framed, Francis Lee Jaques watercolors ,just professionally appraised..& ready for sale. There are NO titles. 
    Item 1. Watercolor depicts a farm scene with corn shocks, & with a single tree...Framed size, 18" x 24," image size 10" x 14," Signed Lower right, asking price $975.00.
    Item 2. Watercolor has 3 Trees, and landscape in the back ground... Framed Size, 17" x 24" Image size,10" x 14," asking price $975.00 .
These are possible early pieces, Francis lee Jacques watercolors ....(both )..
Payment is cash, wire transfer, etc. Shipping & Insurance additional buyer cost. Items sold separately, Details, Joe Murphy, 651-247-6442, cell or text. IMAGE
Down Sizing Les Kouba Collection:
DARKHOUSE SPEARING SET, Darkhouse Spearing, Darkhouse Action, Darkhouse Finale, all framed, signed & numbered edition on all of these framed prints. Asking approximately $1800.00 for the set of 3 Darkhouse Spearing prints. SOLD AS A SET......
Other KOUBA'S include: Mega Storm, Home in a Boot, Opening Day on Lake Milac, 1940 Armestic Day Blizzard, Moose Liver for breakfast, Out at the Old Duck Shack, Winter Fishing Memories, First Snow, Elk, Darkhouse Fishing Hertage, plus possible others, Call for quote call JOYCE 320-815-7575, or MIKE 763-258-6233. 
EXPIRES : 1 JAN, 2018.
Private Collector, Looking To Down-Size 
Federal duck prints, originals, and framed prints. Artists include: Fernandez, Plasschaert, Kouba, Meger, Scholer, Killen, Roe, Buska, Timm, Daver Jr., Ruble, Propelka, Morkel, Dunn, Morkel, Hogenmiller, Vincent, Duncan, Anderson, & there are also prints of other wildlife, children and more. Call for information, & price quotes. Mr. Larry Morrison, 920-878-0973, New London, Wisc. 
Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling Association (Metro Chapter of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN)
If you share the joys of spearing Northern Pike in Minnesota in the winter time, you are invited to join the Minnesota Darkhouse Angling Assn. A 1 year membership is only $15.00. Contact Mr. Dave Burg, from the Metro Chapter, for more information, 612-250-4240.
P.O. Box 1875
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337.
Minneapolis Collector Has Artist Proofs Of CLASSIC SET 
Les KOUBA CLASSIC SET, All Artist proofs prints, Framed, All Numbered 89/200. Fall Plowing, Sharptails At Harvest Time, Out At the Old Saw Rig, Corn Pickin' in the 30's, Antelope in Ranch Country, The End of the Classic Era, Asking $300.00 EACH or BEST offer. Ask for James - 612-991-9735 cell.
Les Kouba Tropical Themed Original Watercolor Available 
Private collector has a "Tropical Original Watercolor" available for sale. Unframed & approximately 15" x 22", it's got a palm tree, flowers, sloping hills & a fence, with the ocean in the background... Collector asking $1,500 or best offer. Contact Irene at 651.226.8569 to request an image via EMAIL.
Approximately 25 Items From Kouba Collector in Wayzata, MN.
Artists: Kouba, Maass, Meger, Plasschaert, Van Glider, and Killen 
Minnesota Ducks, 77 & 79 Minnesota, by David A. Maass, 78 Kouba, 80 Meger, Call Arlen for price quote, 321-360-9435.
Smaller Mini Prints by Kouba, Including: Cross Country Pheasants, Tin town, Time to Call It a Year, Snow Geese on Their Way, Call Arlen for price quote, 321-360-9435.
Larger Prints by Kouba: Fog, Blocks, and Bills, Northern Bills Moving In, After The Rain, Elk Country, Old Pals, Cans At 6:03 AM, Blues, Snows, Barley, Leaving Shelter, Honkers Arriving, Call Arlen for price quote, 321-360-9435.
Plasschaert: Winter Habitat, (2) Call Arlen for price quote, 321-360-9435.
Van Glider: Grouse, Call Arlen for price quote, 321-360-9435. 
Some are framed, some unframed.
Excellent & Very Popular Les C. Kouba Prints Framed 
"Wild Fowlin At the Hilton," "By The Country Store," "Canoe Country," "Ole Three Legs," "1940 Armistice Day Blizzard," "Icin Over," "Left Too Soon," "Leaving the Cut Over," "Grouse Feeding," and to many others to mention. All are framed, signed, numbered, and in excellent condition. Cost plus shipping and insurance. Follow link to see some prints and list of others. CALL FOR QUOTE - Tom Conley Cell
Classic Kouba Set, Framed, Matched Numbers 
"Fall Plowing," "Sharptails at Harvest," "Antelope in Ranch Country," "Out at the Ole Saw Rig," "Corn Pickin' in the 30's," "End of a Classic Era." Asking $1,500. Local pick up possible. Ask for LEE 612-720-0420.
Les Kouba Prints 
Long time Kouba collector reducing inventory of Prime Les Kouba prints. All S/N Prints: "Leaving Shelter," "In Shelter," "Honkers Arriving," "Old Hunting Shack," "Big Bills Barreling In," "Canvasbacks in Heavy Snow," "Ole Farm Pothole," "Fog Blocks and Bills," "Moose Country," "Cans @ 6:03," and Others. All unframed. Call for Quote David H. Knutson, 1678 East Shore Drive, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 56501. Call David at 218-847-7205.
Appraisal Specialists, Midwest
The twin cities foremost qualified personal Property Appraisers. Types of appraisals done: home and business inventory, obtaining insurance, damage and loss claims, art originals, prints, wildlife art, etc. For more information call Bonnie Lindberg at 952-926-0225 (office), 952-926-9361 (fax). Appointments required. 4056 Alabama Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55416 
Les Kouba, Maynard Reece, Sam Timm, Terry Redlin, Carl Benders 
Les Kouba - Shelter Set  ("Heading In," "Leaving Shelter"), matched numbered set (1500/1500), $2,000. May consider breaking set. 
Maynard Reece - "Late Afternoon Mallards," framed, @$350, 1974 
Sam Timm, "Backwater Wood Ducks," "Evening Sunset 
(Quail) 1989, "Morning Woodies", $ 225, Ea. 
Carl Brenders - "Fox Family," framed S/N, $475. 
Peggy @ 651-458-0987 home or 651-492-8564 cell. located in 
Woodbury Minnesota. All prices are plus, Shipping & Ins., or local pick up.
Les C. Kouba
"Northern Bills Moving In" - Artist Proof - by Les Kouba. Framed size 28" x 35". Must sell, Asking $290 or best offer plus shipping & Ins, or local pick-up. For more information call 952-484-0903 (cell) and ask for Jim Anderson. 
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