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This space has been rented by
Robert Van Hoef 
612-282-3495 Cell

Kouba's Bluebill "Big 3" Prints

Big Bills Barrelin' In
$395, #705/1000

Les Kouba's "Big Bills Barrelin' In" print.

Buy the set of three for $1100 and save $240.

Bluebills in Lifting Fog
$495, A/P, S/N

Les Kouba's "Bluebills in Lifting Fog" print.

Buy the set of three for $1100 and save $240.

Fog Blocks and Bills
$450, A/P

Les Kouba's "Fog Blocks and Bills" print.

Buy the set of three for $1100 and save $240.
All reasonable offers considered.

Bills Attack at 7:00 AM - #162/3500, $240
Bills on the Move - #75/2000, $189
Bluebills Movin' Down - #170/450, $450
Bluebills Visit Silver Lake - A/P, $295
Cans in Bush Country - #980/1500, $450
Canvasbacks in Heavy Snow - A/P, $495
Century of Redheads Lake Title - 2 Color Remarque A/P, $450
Feathered Jets from the North - #276/700, $395
Flaps Down - #157/2500, $200
Foggy Morning Bills - #60/2000, $240
Northern Bills - A/P, $240
Northern Bills Visit Princeton Marsh - #550/750, Framed, $295
Wildlife Landscape Series(4), Matched Number Set, $495

Send Bob an email
 or call him at 952-941-0093           .          


This space has been rented by
Arlen Axdahl 
321-360-9435 Cell

Carl Wimar's "Buffalo Hunt"
  • Title: Buffalo Hunt 
  • Artist: Carl Wimar
  • Type: Open Collection Print
  • Signed: Lower Left
  • Framed: Unframed
  • Image Size: 32"L x 18 1/2"W
  • Overall Size: 38" L x 25" W
  • Condition: Good condition, a few dents.
  • Price: $175 + shipping and insurance

Contact Arlen at: 321-360-9435 Cell

Artist's signature on Carl Wimar's "Buffalo Hunt"
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