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Arlen Axdahl

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Arlen Axdahl -- art broker and secondary market specialist Arlen Axdahl

Arlen Axdahl, art broker and secondary market specialist in Les C. Kouba wildlife art, sporting art, western art, marine art, stamp prints, state, federal and others, came by his passion for art over the last thirty eighty years by buying, selling and trading Kouba's oils, watercolors, sketches and prints featuring various wildlife. He has bought and sold hundreds of Kouba's fine art works. Kouba's picture is at the top of this page.

As the economy is becoming more robust people are investing again in original artwork. Original art is an investment in the future. The great quality of art some how always stays in favor with the people who want it, desire it and buy it. It's really not a secret that Les Kouba originals, in whatever format, are desired art works. Even though Mr. Kouba has been gone for 12+ yrs now....his legacy lives on...

This site helps people interested in buying or selling art:

  • Les C. Kouba was a fascinating wildlife artist. We share information about his life in addition to buying and selling original works of art by him. These works include any of his wildlife and nostalgic Americana oil paintings, watercolors, sketches or prints. 
  • There are many other wildlife artists with original works or prints. Included in this area are all the various stamp series with their winners. There is something for everyone. 
  • Rental ad space - for individuals wanting to sell prints or original art work. There are several choices of ads available: small classified ads and display ads with photos of the art work.
  • Appraisals of art work - for a small fee.
  • Coming Events - Related events, shows and meeting you may be interested in attending. 
  • Decoys for Sale - Today there is great interest in collecting decoys, old or new. Classified and display ads, with photos, are available. Hunters and non hunters love to collect old, antique or modern decoys for fun, profit or educational benefits.

NOTE: Please note all Original art on this site is copyrighted. If you purchase an original work of art from this site, you are purchasing only the art, NOT the copyright to that art. Copyright is retained by the artist, under federal copyright laws.

If you are interested in buying, selling or trading some art you own be sure to let me know. I can help you by doing an appraisal of the work to let you know what it is worth. I also rent space on the site where you could put the item up for sale. Buying, selling and trading art work has been a life's passion for me. I love to share my skills with others. Let me help you.

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