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If the answer is yes, you have come to the right site. We'll rent you space where you can sell decoys of any age. These may be old decoys, antique decoys or more modern decoys.

 Here are the basic rules involved to rent space:

  1. Anyone can rent space on our rental pages.
  2. Images and contact information for the ad is provided by renter to Les Kouba Original Art.
  3. Customer's contact information is on all ads.
  4. Customer's are responsible for proofing all ads.
  5. Ads are paid for in advanceof running the ads. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. There is no commission to be paid by the renter, at this time, from a successful sale as a result of the renter's ad.
  7. Classified Ad Rate Fee
    30 words or Less $20.00 for 6 months, no images permitted. 
    30 words to 50 words $40.00 for 6 months, no images permitted.
  8. Rental Fees for Display Ads
    1 image  @ $30 for 6 months 
    2 images @ $40 for 6 months 
    3 images @ $50 for 6 months 
    4 images @ $60 for 6 months 
    50% off the 6 month rental rate.
  10. DECOY BOOKS FOR SALE may also be advertised on these pages. Use the Classifi
  11. Ads can be paid for by personal check, cash, or Pal Pay. Credit cards accepted through Pay Pal. There are no refunds. Checks should be made out to: 
    Arlen Axdahl
    PO Box 490
    Titusville, Florida 32781
    Ad will not appear on the site until payment has cleared at the bank.
  12. Pay by Pay Pal for a decoy classified ad.
  13. Classified Ads
  14. Pay by Pay Pal for display ad space for 6 months.
    Decoy Display Ads
  15. Pay by Pay Pal for display ad renewal for another 6 months..
    Decoy Display Ads

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