Les C. Kouba's
The Empty Stand

Les Kouba's original oil painting, "The Empty Stand."

See some areas of the painting up closer.

Metal label on Kouba's "The Empty Stand."

Metal Title Tag at the bottom center. 

Close up of the deer in "the Emty Stand."

The deer up close.

Close up of the Hershey bar the hunter dropped in his hast to go after the deer.

Hershey's candy bar wrapper was dropped as the hunter went after the deer..

The hunter is far behind the deer he had hoped to have in "he Empty Stand."

The hunter seems to have lost the deer.

The deer out runs the hunter.

The deer is seen in the distance still running.

Kouba named his painting on the back of the frame and dated it on "The Empty Stand."

Back of the framed painting.

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