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Easy to do. Just email us with up to 40 words telling us what you want your classified ad to say. We'll do the rest.

Classified Ad Rental Fee
   9 Months = $75.00
   12 Months = $100.00
Send Arlen an email with your ad and use the Buy Now button below to pay.


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Minnesota Collector has Giant Framed Art Collection
MN collector in Webster, MN has:
         Office Hours, Framed, S/N Edition, $675.00
         Wednesday Afternoon, Framed, S/N Edition, $575.00
         Morning Rounds, Framed,  S/N Edition, $575.00
         House Calls, Framed, S/N Edition, $575.00
         Coming Home, Framed, S/N Edition, $450.00
         Peaceful Evening, Framed, S/N Edition, $550.00
         Quiet of the Evening, Framed, S/N Edition, $485.00
         The Sharing Season II, Framed, S/N Edition, $375.00
         Pheasant Hang Out, Framed, S/N Edition, $375.00
          Full House, Fox Family, Framed, S/N Edition, $450.00
          Rocky Camp, Cougar Family, Framed, S/N Edition, $475.00
          Den Mother, Wolf Family, Framed, S/N Edition, $475.00
          Winter Creek Bed, Conservation Proof, S/O, $225.00
           Silent Partner, Framed, Signed Only (SO), $250.00
           No Title, (Indian Woman Next to Pinto Horse), S/O, $350.00
           Precious Metals, Framed, S/N Edition, $700.00
           Crow River Manor, Framed, S/N Edition, $250.00
           Hinkley Fire. Framed, A/P Edition, $350.00 (RARE)
           No Title, 2 Male Lions, S/O Edition, $250.00
Best reasonable offers, ALL ART IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, Framed or Unframed, Payment CASH, Cleared Check, Buyers responsible for shipping charges.
                  Local pick up possible. MOTIVATED SELLER
              Contact: GARY: 952-500-3684.Cell images available
Terry Redlin Collector Has Framed "Treasures"
    Night Flight, 2963/3500, framed, canvas edition, Asking $1,200.00
    Summertime, 238/2490, framed, Artist Proof, Asking $550.00
    Evening Rehearsals, 278/950, framed, Artist Proof, Asking $550.00
    Master of the Valley, 6538/6800, framed, Asking $550.00
    Spring Fishing, 9489/9500, framed,  Asking $485.00
    Birch Line, Encore, framed, Asking $485.00
    Rusty Refuge II, Encore, framed, Asking $275
    Rusty Refuge III, Encore, framed, Asking $275.00
    Evening With Friends, Encore, framed, Asking $275.00
    Heading Home, Encore, framed, Asking $275.00
Best offers accepted, Shipping is framed or unframed for the convenience of shipping less expenses. MOTIVATED SELLER, Payment: Cash, Pay Pal, buyer responsible for shipping charges, LEON: 301-904-2096, leave a message, calls will be returned. Images available upon request.
Arizona Kouba Collector Has Mint, Unframed, Les Kouba's
    After the Rain, 698/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $ 285.00
    After the Rain, 714/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $285.00
    Fall Plowing,934/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $275.00
    Fall Plowing, 919/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $275.00
    Sharptails at Harvest, 919/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $225.00
    Mallards Returning Early, 782/1500, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $225.00
    Moose Country, 934/1200,unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $285.00
    Trolling to the Bar, 566/1200, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $375.00
    Trolling to the Bar, 567/1200, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $375.00
    Before the Freeze, 256/900, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $185.00
Lot price for all would be accepted, Best Offers, Buyer pays shipping from Arizona in a Hard Tube. Payment: Cash, PayPal, Money Wire Transfer, MOTIVATED SELLER, pics to serious buyers. ASK FOR PAT 602-743-2077 cell or text. MOTIVATED SELLER.
Ducks Unlimited Chapter Has Collector Art
     Terry Redlin, "Comforts of Home," 14,773/22,900, framed, signed, great
      condition, Asking $499.00
     Jerry Raedeke, "Good Ole Days,", 1482/5300, framed, signed, great 
      condition, Asking $ 399.00
Art is located in Northern Florida. Shipping is framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping and expense. BEST OFFERS are discussed, Payment: cash, cleared check, PayPal, money going to D.U. youth programs. YOU CAN HELP D.U. with your purchase. SELLER IS MOTIVATED. Andy, 904-703-4187 Cell or text images. ANDY Davidson, Area Chair, Jacksonville, Florida Ducks Unlimited.
Mpls., Minnesota Collector Downsizing Stamp Prints, Terry Redlin Prints, and Other Artists Works.
   Terry Redlin, Doctor Series, unframed, low prices, WOW
   Minnesota Pheasants, from 1983 to 1991, all in folders, with 2 stamps,
   Minnesota Duck Prints, from1977 to 1990, some framed/some unframed.
   Federal Duck Print, Morris, other federal Artists.
   First of States, from 1987 - 1989, various states, Alaska, Washington,
      Arizona, Georgia, Utah, etc.
   First of Canada Duck Prints, Robert Bateman, man other items.
   Ken Zella, approximately 12 various art prints by Ken Zella (Call for the 
   Misc. art prints, Gromme, Dan Smith, Les Kouba, Marion Anderson, 
       James Meger, etc.
All the art is in excellent condition, offered framed or unframed, buyer is responsible for shipping cost & insurance. BEST REASONABLE OFFERS ARE CONSIDERED, Payment is Cash. Call for complete list of art prints too numerous to mention here. Ask for Diane 763-205-1865 phone.
Indiana Collector has Art Treasures for Redlin, Peterson, Barnhouse, Doolittle, Kouba, & Lyman
Terry Redlin
    Skirting the Marches, S/N unframed, $325.00
    Clearing the Rail, S/N, unframed, $450.00
    Peaceful Evening, S/N, un framed, $550.00
    Rushing Rapids, S/N, framed, $500.00
Charles Peterson
    Fountain of Youth, S/N $325.00
    Stitch in Time, S/N, unframed, $325.00
    Return to Gettysburg, S/N, unframed,  $325.00
David Barnhouse
    Tales of the Day, S/N, unframed, $125.00
    Saturday Nite Special, S/N, unframed, $100.00
Bev Doolittle
    Guardian Spirits, framed, Suite of 2 framed Prints, NOT shipping, $650.00
Les Kouba
    First Edition Book, S/N ed. with Original Watercolor in this book, $675.00
Steve Lyman
    Evening Light, Morning Light, Canvases, Matching numbers, framed, plus
    shipping, or delivery charges, $4500.00
Payment Cash, Ask about BEST OFFERS, shipping charges extra, or Discuss. Willing to deliver, if possible. Contact James: 812-644-7104, home number.
Wildlife Collector Downsizing Art Prints 
  Terry Redlin, "Sharing The Evening," framed, s/n, 6419/29500, $385.00. 
  Maynard Reece, 1993 Iowa Duck print, 20/160, $255.00
  Nick Klepinger, 1978, Iowa Duck Stamp- print, 21/30, Ducks Unlimited
    edition, $250.00 
  Phil Scholar, Framed, Golden Anniversary Federal Duck print, with Signed
    stamp, 1983, A/P 768/1500, $275.00.
Willing to Accept Best Offers, Ship Framed or Unframed, for your convenience & safety, willing to discussing shipping charges, Payment CASH, Cleared CHECK, will answer all questions, images available upon request for serious enquirers. ASK FOR WILLIE at 515-229-2572.
Missouri Art Gallery has a LARGE Collection of Western, Wildlife and Military Art
All art is signed and numbered limited edition prints from current dealerships and PAST publishers. Artists include: Terry Redlin, Robert Bateman, G. Harvey, Steve Lyman, Fred Machetanz, Frank McCarthy, Howard Terpning, David Barnhouse, P. Buckley Moss, Bev Doolittle, William Phillips. All major artist's, & Other's, prints are in their original folders with certificate. SALE Due to inventory reduction of the gallery. OFFERS accepted, subject to shipping & handling charges. Contact Barbi, 816-401-1662 cell, 573-443-5010, gallery.
Private Collector Down Sizing Eagle & Wolf Art Collection
Rick Kelly: On Freedoms Wing, (Eagle), Artist Proof, Framed, asking $475.00 
Terrill Knaak: No Title, (Eagle), Artist Proof, #13/80, With Color Remark, Framed, asking $325.00
Nelson: Eagle with Landscape, (Eagle) Framed, asking $250.00 
Don Breyfogel: Shadow Hunter, (Wolf), 174/747, Framed, asking $325.00
Terril Knaak: No Title, (Wolf), 106/600, Framed, asking $275.00
Picken: Royal Flush, (Deer), 2045/2200, Framed, asking $325.00
PHOTOS provided upon Request. Will Discuss, Shipping, Insurance, Fees. Located Southwestern Minnesota. 
Best offers Considered. Contact Tom: 507-828-6960 cell/text
Florida Collector Has 1st Of State Collection & Assorted Ducks (32) 
Collector has 1st of Florida State duck collection, PLUS the states of Texas, Ohio, North Dakota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, Maine, New York, Kentucky, Alaska, Georgia, Arkansas. In addition, the collector has 1st 15 years (1981-1996) of Arkansas duck stamp prints, some framed, some unframed, asking: PRICE OPEN.
Federal duck prints include, 1981 Wilson, Framed, 1983 Scholar, framed, 1984 Morris, framed, 1985 Canada, Bateman, Framed. Reasonable asking prices, for more information call TOM, 563-581-0899, asking price open - make offer - MUST SELL.
Wayzata, Mn Wildlife Collector, Has Very Large Collection
Terry Redlin, Jim Meger, Les Kouba, David Maass, Owen J. Gromme, Mario Fernandaz & others prints, unframed, & framed, plus other Minnesota artists & prints. Included: Minnesota duck prints, Minnesota pheasant prints, Minnesota turkey prints, Minnesota Trout Stream, Minnesota Federation Conservation, Federal duck prints, National Wild Turkey Prints, National Wild Turkey Federation, & Many other art prints. Most Terry Redlin prints are the old 960 Editions, for example, Winter Wind Break, Afternoon Glow, Stormy Weather, etc. Call & check for prices, & shipping information... Contact: Sue 612-889-7285, Fax number 952-473-4749.
Wisconsin Collector Down Sizing Great Art Prints
Robert Bateman, "Snowy Owl On Driftwood", F, A/P, $4,200, ViVI Crandall, Rookies, F, S/N,$600.00, Owen Gromme, Ruffed Grouse, F, S/N, $275.00, David A. Maass, Thundering Out, F, S/N $595.00, Terry Redlin, Spring, F, S/N,$800.00, Williams, J. B, A Quiet Moment, F, S/N, $150.00. Other artists include: Scott Zoellick, Bob Metropolus, James A. Killen, Rick Kelly, Charles Denault, Michael Sieve, James Kennedy and others. Some framed - some unframed. All priced to Sell. BEST OFFERS. Call for current pricing. Shipping & handling charges apply. CALL FRED: 715-356-7476.
Terry Redlin from Private Collector
TERRY REDLIN S/N limited edition prints, all custom matted and framed: 
   Harvest Moon Ball - $450; 
   Autumn Evening - $600; 
   Night on the Town - $350.
KEVIN DANIEL S/N limited edition, also custom matted and framed 
   A Mother's Patience - $220. 
Private collector located in Florida. Contact Jayne or Dick at 480-239-2410 (cell or text).
Shelters Series From Private Collector
"HEADING FOR SHELTER," 44/1500, beautifully framed, pencil remarked, & personalized. 
"IN SHELTER," 44/3000, beautifully framed, color remarked with rooster pheasant head. 
"LEAVING SHELTER," Artist Proof, "A/P," framed, pencil remarked pheasant head. 
This set of 3 Shelters is currently available from a Les Kouba private collector. Asking prices & particulars in display ad where you can VIEW the prints. Contact Mr. Will Leeper for more details: 214-808-9955 cell or text.
MALLARDS BACK FROM FEEDING, Unframed, personalized, & matted, Rare, difficult art print to find, from the 60's & 70's, Currently dry mounted to mat board, Asking $650.00 or best offer. 
CANVASBACKS TO REST, Another vintage old Kouba print, currently matted, asking $550.00, questions gladly answered. Shipping Free in the USA. Contact: Hugh, 302.383.7493.
Les C. Kouba, American Classics Set, 6 Prints FRAMED 
KOUBA CLASSICS SET, framed, matching artist proofs 150/200. Includes: Fall Plowing, Sharptails at Harvest, Out at the Ole Saw Rig, Antelope in Ranch Country, Corn Pickin the 1930's, End of the Classic Era. Asking $999.99, Plus normal Shipping & Ins. or VERY BEST OFFER. Will offer unframed, if desired, for shipping,  Contact BOB at 704-904-5909.
Private Collector Selling Ducks -  Make An Offer
First of State duck prints offered for sale. Make an offer on these duck prints: some framed, some matted, others in folders. Examples: All Framed, 1987 Arizona, 1985 Georgia, 1985 Kentucky, 1984 Maine, 1985 Alaska. Also, Quail Conservation prints, stripped bass, Federals, USA & Canada. BEST OFFER + shipping & Insurance, shared. STAN: 317-440-3600 cell or text.
Private Collector Offering Highly Sought After Original Art 
Original art by Richard Plasschaert, Kevin Daniel, J.B. Williams is available:
"Canada Geese" by Richard Plasschaert, "A Cougar" by Kevin Daniels, "A Doe & Fawn," by J. b. Williams, a long forgotten, deceased Minnesota artist. See the pictures on the display ad on this site. For more information call: Robert at 651-503-6885 cell.
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