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This collection of  Redlin prints includes several of Redlin's early prints which are hard to find today. Print details include the prices for each print. Check the list of abbreviations to learn what an abbreviation stands for. Print size and the framed size for each print is here. Contact: Brandon at  479-236-7472.

F-Framed,   LE-Limited Edition,   AP-Artists Proof,
CofA- Certificate of Authenticity,   n.-no,   S-Signed

Artist,   Print,   Framed,   LE/A/p,   CofA,   Signed,   Numbered,   Price

Dave Barnhouse,  Shelter from the Storm,   F,   AP,   Yes,   S,   79/195,  $300.00
Dave Barnhouse,  Sam's Place,   F,   n,   n,   n,   n,  $300.00
Dave Barnhouse,  My Lucky Day,   F,   LE,   Yes,   S,   83/1250,  $200.00
Terry Williams,  Early Arrivals - Maddox Bay Mallards,   n.   LE,   n,   S,   2255/3000,  $150.00
R.J. McDonald,  We're Ready,   n,   LE,   n.   S,   957/15,000,  $150.00
R.J. McDonald,  Wake Me at Four,   n,   LE,   n,   S,   1730/5950,  $150.00
George Lockwood,  Autumn Splendor,   n,   LE,   n,   S,   2752/4850,  $100.00
Jim Hansel,  After the Thaw,   n,   LE,   n,   S,   1614/5000,  $100.00
Larry Chandler,  The Tradition Continues,   F,   ?,   n,   S, 1998 Commemorative Print Showcase Edition,  $250.00
Linda Picken,  A Hunter's Dream,   F,   ?,  n,  S,  406/900 DU Special Edition,  $150.00
Richard Plasschaert,  Up the Creek - Wood Ducks,   F,   ?,   n,   S,   2209/4900 DU Special Edition,  $250.00
David Lanier,  Hedgerow Covey,   F,   ?,   n,  S,   1554/2200 National Turkey Wildlife Federation,  $200.00
Dan Moreton,  Turkey Print,   F,   LE,   n,   S,   133/400,  $200.00
Donald Vanny,  Wolf Print,   F,   LE,   n,   S,   2349/2400,  $200.00
M. Bioooose,  Peyote Spirit,   F,  n,   n,   n,   n,  $200.00
Chebon Dacon,  Indian Print,   F,   LE,   n,   S,   139/600,  $150.00
Chebon Dacon,  Mountain Man Print,   F,   LE,   n,  S,   456/500,  $150.00
Julie Kramer Cole,  Summoned Spirits,   F,   LE,   yes,   S,   1349,2500,  $250.00
Robert Summers,  Cowboy Print,   F,   LE,   n,   S,   760/1500,  $300.00
Robert Summers,  Texas Gold,   F,   LE,   Yes,   S,   991/1950,  $300.00
Terry Anderson,  Indian Print,   n,   LE,   n,   S,   51/750,  $300.00

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