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Mankato, MN Collector Has Framed Redlin Print
     "Evening Solitude" by Terry Redlin, framed, 8493/9500, excellent Condition,
      asking $499.00.
Open to best reasonable offers, seller is willing to drive to the Metro Mpls, MN area for inspection & approval of the art to the potential buyer, willing to ship unframed if needed. Buyer responsible for the shipping & insurance charges, Payment: cash, for more information ...(images, etc.) contact Thomas at 507-382-3627 cell, North Mankato, Minnesota
Art Reduction at "Natures Own Gallery" in North Carolina
    Major art dealer has following artists in prints available to the public: Terry Redlin, Chuck Ren, Michael Sieve, David Barnhouse, G. Harvey, Persis Weirs, Richard Plasschaert, David Maass, Cotton Hetchie, John Seerey Lester, James Killen, Jim Lamb, Rollie Brandt, Mike Casper, Larry Dyke, Tom Dubois, Phillip Crowe. Also Available: duck stamps & duck prints Federal, 1st of Nation, Consevation,1. of States, & many more items... To name just a few of the artists, types of art prints available at this art print reduction sale. Some art is framed, or unframed, limited editions, open editions, etc.
    Prints offered framed, or unframed, for shipping. Best offers accepted. Seller is motivated. Payment cash, PayPal. Buyers pay shipping charges, or discuss, call for specific print titles, print images. Must sell some art. Ask for TOM or MORRIE, Natures Own Gallery, 252-422-6806.
Three Terry Redlin Prints in Wittman, Arizona
Private collector in Arizona has 3 great Terry Redlin prints for sale.
    OFFICE HOURS, 6268/6800, framed, excellent condition, asking $499.00
    AUTUMN AFTERNOON, 3531/4900, framed, excellent condition, asking
    SHARING SEASON, signed only, framed, excellent condition, asking 
Seller is willing to offer framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping in a tube. Accepting Best Offers, payment: Cash, Motivated Seller. Ask for ANGIE, 602-400-8745 cell/text.
MN Collector Has Original Watercolor, "Fly Fishing," by Les Kouba
   "FLY FISHING," by Les C. Kouba, is available from the original owner. It is framed and read to hang. Framed size is approx. 22" x 35," image size is approx. 14" x 22."  See the watercolor.
   Buyer is responsible for shipping & Insurance charges. Willing to ship framed or unframed. Local Pick-up possible in Brainerd, MN area. Payment: Cash or Cleared Check. Asking price is $2499.00, or Best Offer. Calls are being taken by ARLEN AXDAHL 321-360-9435 cell or text..
MPLS, MN Collector, 6 Great Framed Terry Redlin Prints
Leaving the Sanctuary, 83/96 A/P, Framed, Asking $699
   Coming Home, 610/2400, Framed, Asking $699.00
   Night Watch, 62/240, A/P, Framed, Asking 599.00
   Autumn Shoreline, Signed/Only, Framed, Asking 200.00
   Family Traditions, Signed/Only, Framed, Asking 300.00
   Sharing Season, Signed/Only, Framed, Asking $200.00
Owner is motivated to sell, Best Offers are entertained. Willing to offer framed, unframed, for ease of shipping. Buyer pays for shipping cost, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check. Ask for Diana: 763-257-2533 cell.
Terry Redlin Art Prints For Sale From Florida Collector 
    Best Friends, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $699.
    Evening Solitude, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $299.
    Welcome to Paradise, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $499.
    The Conservationist, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $299.
    Morning Solitude, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $599.
    Morning Surprise, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $499.
    Summertime, S/N edition, Framed, Asking $399.
Prints are in excellent condition. All Redlin's subject to asking prices, BEST OFFERS, Motivated Seller. Willing to offer Framed or Unframed for ease of shipping, Willing to discuss shipping charges, payment cash, possible local pick up. Contact: BRIDGET 518-423-5555.
4 Great Terry Redlin's In Northern Minnesotan's Collection 
    Afternoon Glow, unframed, shrink wrapped, 133/960, Asking $499.00 
    Clearing the Rail, unframed, shrink wrapped, 627/960, Asking $499.00
    Master of the Valley, framed, 1810/6800, Asking $699.00
    Breaking Cover, faded slightly, framed, 757/960, Asking $449.00 
Seller Willing to entertain ALL BEST OFFERS, on all 4 Redlin's sold as a set, or individually. Willing to ship framed ,or art unframed, for shipping safety, Payment Cash, shipping fees discussed, or local pick up. Contact Joan, 218-556-2449, cell or text. 
Redlin Collector, Offering, Prints, Plates & Sculptures 
Terry Redlin Prints
    Heartland Lights, Framed, Encore edition, Asking $385.00
    Family Traditions, Framed, Encore edition, Asking $325.00 
    Autumn Evening, Framed, S/N, Asking $499.00 
Terry Redlin Plates, 8 1/4" 
    Autumn Evening, #4208B.
    Summertime, #12744A, framed as a pair, framed in Oak Holder, Asking
Heartland Village Collection
    "Home for the Holidays", #1024, &
    "House on the Hill," #2647, No Cert., but numbered on the bottom of Cabin. 
     Asking $95.00 Each.
Hadley Collection of Sculptures
    All in Original Boxes, with certs., YOUR Choice $95.00
Homestead Collection.
    That Special Time Bait Shop, #3740.
    Welcome To Paradise Lakeside Bait, #2394. 
    The Golden Retreat Cabin, #1687. First Release 
    Comforts Of Home Cabin, #1546, Second Release
    Evening With Friends Cabin, #2832, Third Release 
    Pure Contentment, #523
    Autumn Traditions, #1004. 
Shipping & Ins buyer pays, framed, or unframed, Best Offers, Call for more Information, Payment: Pay Pal, Cash, Cleared Check, Terri 616-540-4945 cell or text.
Plates, Gift Items, & Hundreds Of Art Prints Available. 
FLORIDA collector has hundreds of plates from the following artists: Terry Redlin, Jesse Barnes, Robert Abbott, Darrell Bush, Ozz Franca, Steve Hanks, Sandra Kuck, David Maass, James Meger, Rosemary Millette, Mike Sieve, & others. There are also gift items & hundreds of unframed art prints. Open to offers. Shipping quotes & best offers entertained. Call Arlen for inventory names & titles - 321-360-9435 cell or text.
11 Terry Redlin Annual Christmas Prints
South Dakota collector has 11 Terry Redlin annual Christmas prints, All shirk wrapped on foam core, UNFRAMED, as received from the Redlin dealers. All in mint condition, never framed, stored correctly, all with Certificates of Authenticity. 
    Trimming the Tree, s/n, unframed, $350.
    Winter Wonderland s/n, unframed, $300.
    Sharing the Evening, s/n, unframed, $275.
    Racing Home, s/n, unframed, $150.
    Family Traditions, signed/only, unframed, $220.
    Pleasures of Winter A/P, unframed, $475.
    Sweet Memories, s/n, unframed, $350.
    Evening Frost, s/n, unframed, $225.
    Almost Home, s/n, unframed, $250.
    Toasting Marshmallows, s/n, unframed, $150.
    Night on the Town, s/n, unframed, $185.
Best Offers accepted on the group, or each, Buyer pays shipping charges, Cash, check cleared, Other, Contact: CINDY, 605-380-9919 cell.
Northern Minnesota Collector Has 3 Great Redlin's
   Morning Solitude, S/N Edition, Framed, $475.00.
   Campfire Tales, S/N edition, Framed, $325.00.
   Evening Solitude, A/P Edition, Framed, $ 975.00 
All are very nicely framed, excellent condition, best offers, shipping & insurance on all items negotiable, willing to ship unframed, framed, payment cash, bank check, cleared check. Contact: Joan 218-428-0990. 
Terry Redlin Collector Has High Value Redlin's for Sale 
   Morning Retreat, Evening Retreat, Moonlight Retreat, Golden
All S/N editions, framed asking $1,700 each your choice. If
    purchasing all 4 framed Retreats, asking is $1,500 Per item (Total
   Other Redlin titles: Hunters Haven,$1,000, Night Mapling,$600, Rural Route $800, Best Friends,$1,800. Autumn Afternoon $600, Special Memories $1,000, Spring Mapling $600. All are framed, S & N editions. 
   The Empty Stand, UF, S/N edition, Asking $400,"The Picked Field, Framed, S/N edition, Asking $600. 
JOHN GREEN, Anxious Moments, Framed, $250.00, also, "American Water Spaniel Legacy," Framed, $75.00. 
JOHN WILSON, Stormy Day Bluebills, framed, $200.00.
JAMES MEGER, Catch The Wind, Framed $125.00. 
RICHARD PLASSCHAERT, White tail Deer, Framed, $225.00.
best offers, shipping & insurance discussed, cash, cleared checks. OPEN TO BEST OFFERS. 
Contact George 218-790-0273.
Terry Redlin & Les Kouba Prints by Private Collector
     Moonlight Retreat by Terry Redlin, Framed, 2062/5300. From the Flyway Collection, 1988 Asking $2499 or best offer.
     Golden Retreat by Terry Redlin,4473/5000. 50th Anniversary Collection. Asking $1499 or best offer.
     Autumn Shoreline by Terry Redlin, Open Edition, Framed, Asking $399.
     Last Flock Out by Les Kouba, S/N edition, Framed, Excellent Dondition, Asking $285 or best offer.
Offered framed or unframed for shipping ease. Photos available. Willing to listen to "Best Offers." Payment: cash or cleared check. Contact Terrie at 740-502-2658.
Terry Redlin's, The "Doctor Series," Offered By Private Collector For Sale
Doctor Series Art Prints (4)
   Wednesday Afternoon, F, S/N $900.00
   Office Hours: F, S/N, $800.00,
   Morning Rounds, F, S/N $800.00
   House Calls, F, S/N $800. 
framed or unframed, Set of 4, $3,000, or Best Offers, Located Twin Cities Area (MN), Shipping & Handling Discussed, Payment Cash, Steven: 320-492-9269.
Private Collector, Has 4, High Quality, Framed Terry Redlin Prints 
   Morning Glow, $799.00, S/N, ed edition, framed in excellent condition. 
   Afternoon Glow, $699.00, S/N, ed edition, framed, in excellent condition. 
   Evening Glow,$999.00 S/N, edition, framed in excellent condition. 
   Sundown. $699.00 S/N edition, D,.U. Print of the year framed in excellent condition, 
Best offers welcomed, call for photos, Local pick up desired, shipping charges negotiable, maybe willing to ship unframed out of town, cash, cleared check. Contact Jerry, 612-701-9514, cell or text, for more information.
Sioux Falls, SD Collector Offers Redlin's "Spring Fishing" For Sale 
Terry Redlin's "Spring Fishing" is an Artist Proof, framed, in excellent Condition. It's a real find with a Terrific price. Print ships framed or unframed. Asking price is $599.00. Willing to discuss shipping charges. Ask for Lauren, 605-321-7611, cell or text. 
Missouri Art Gallery has a LARGE Collection of Western, Wildlife and Military Art
All art is signed and numbered limited edition prints from current dealerships and PAST publishers. Artists include: Terry Redlin, Robert Bateman, G. Harvey, Steve Lyman, Fred Machetanz, Frank McCarthy, Howard Terpning, David Barnhouse, P. Buckley Moss, Bev Doolittle, William Phillips. All major artist's, & Other's, prints are in their original folders with certificate. SALE Due to inventory reduction of the gallery. OFFERS accepted, subject to shipping & handling charges. Contact Barbi, 816-401-1662 cell, 573-443-5010, gallery. 
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