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Ham Lake, Minnesota Collector has Redlin Art for Sale
     Sunset Retreat By Terry Redlin, framed, 56/9500, mint condition, 
     asking $399.00
     Together for the Season by Terry Redlin., Framed, Signed Only, asking
Seller is open to Best Offers, also willing to offer framed or unframed for ease of shipping. buyer is open to Best Offers, also willing to offer framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping & insurance, payment: cash, money order, PayPal, etc. If buyer is in metro, willing to meet in public place for inspection & approval, if desired. Text photo of ART is possible upon request. Open to Reasonable Best Offers. Further information contact: ANN 763-6703313 cell.
South Carolina Collector Has Terrific Art Prints
Jeanne Barnes, 1985, framed and matted, ORIGINAL print, (Black & White
     image) The scene depicts 4 workers in bib overalls working on the train
     tracks, Asking $300.00
Heywood Hardy, "Run to Earth," framed, "Re strike" of the original 
     engraving, hand colored, (OLD ENGLISH STYLE) a hunting scene of
     gentlemen on horses, with the fox hounds, ready for the hunt.
     Asking $400.00
Rosemary Millette, South Dakota wildlife artist, framed, "Rustic Rooster
     Pheasants" 540/2663 Asking $300.00
Les Didier, "Moving on, Great Blue Heron," framed 1983, simply lovely,
     72/85, Artist Proof, Asking $325
John Seery Lester, C. E., Loons, 1988 D. U. framed, original, signed stamp
     print, with 2 stamps, Asking $275.00
J. Partee, "Rum Creek Woodies," 1988, framed, (Wood Ducks), 
     2008/3000, Asking $300.00
Roland Sloan, framed, Duck Print, copyright 1980, Mallard, Drake &Hen,
     Duck Stamp print size, Asking $200.00
Mort Kunstler, framed, "We the People," 595/2000, depicting a scene from
     1787, the Free press, Asking $325.00
Prices as quoted, OPEN TO BEST OFFERS, willing to ship framed or unframed, payment: cash, PayPal, buyers pay for shipping & insurance, texted photos of images are available upon request if desired. MOTIVATED SELLER, Diane 843-592-1545 cell or text, text me for an image.
Texas Collector Has Prints by Terry Redlin and Jessie Barnes for Sale
Terry Redlin: The Doctor Series

    House Calls, unframed, 1028/6800, Asking $599.
    Wednesday Afternoon, unframed, 2286, Asking 599.
    Morning Rounds, unframed, 2339/6800, Asking $599.
    Office Hours, unframed 2941/6800, Asking $599.
Jessie Barnes:
    Autumn Thunder, unframed, 1322/1500. Asking $975.
    The Burning Tree, Unframed, 949/2800, Asking $499.
    Night on the Mississippi, unframed, 940/2800, Asking $299.
    Peaceful Evening, unframed, 932/2800, Asking $299.
    Moonlight Reflections, unframed, 2037/2800, Asking $499.
All prices subject to Best Offers. Some art prints previously framed, un framed for ease of shipping. Buyer pays shipping charges, Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Pay Pal. Accepted art in excellent condition, MOTIVATED SELLER, MOTIVATED SELLER, for more information: Cassie:210-325-5817 cell or text.
Private collector has Redlin, Kouba, Doughty, Kinkade, Zella and Meger Art Prints & Plates
    Minnesota collector has a VERY LARGE assortment of art prints, plates, and other items. Included in Redlin's collection are two famous series, the Doctor Series and the America the Beautiful Series, plus many other prints. Some of the prints are framed, others are not. There are also plates, some framed others still in the original box. Many other artists have collections of varying sizes. Check this list of artists and their works for details For price quotes, call Dave at 239-896-7126 cell or text.
New York Collector has Framed Terry Redlin's for Sale
   Aroma of Fall, Framed, 791/6800, Asking 799.00
   Prairie Morning, Framed, 2663/4800, Asking 699.00
   For Amber Waves of Grain, Framed, 970/29,500, Asking 499.00
   Family Traditions, Framed, Signed Only, Asking $300.00
   Prepared for the Season, Framed, Signed Only, Asking $200.00
The art is excellent condition, images available to serious inquires. Seller willing to offer framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping. Payment: Pay Pal, Cash, Cleared Check, Buyer must pay shipping charges. Best Offers accepted if reasonable. MOTIVATED SELLER. Ask for Michael,718-776-4250 home.
Terry Redlin Collector Has Framed Redlin Prints, Plates, Clock and Perpetual Calendar For Sale
    Lazy Afternoon, Framed, 3289/5000, Asking $499.00
    Comforts of Home, Framed, 7532/22,900, Asking $499.00 
    Evening With Friends, Framed, Encored Edition, Asking $245.00. 
    Total Comfort, Framed Plate, 2425/4,500, Asking $65.00
    Hunters Haven, Framed Plate, 1938/4,500, Asking $65.00
    Evening With Friends, Clock, Beautiful Shape, Asking $99.00 
    Perpetual Calendar with 12 plate collection, Asking $399.00
Willing to Listen to Best offers on all items, Shipping charges discussed, Framed or Unframed, Payment Cash, local pick-up if convenient, Motivated Seller. Contact CARLA, 618-889-3002 (Cell or Text).
2 Wonderful Terry Redlin's Prints (Framed) For Sale by Wisconsin Collector
     Harvest Moon Ball. Signed & Numbered Edition (8695/9500), framed, excellent condition, asking $599.00 or Best Offer.
     Life Time Companions, Signed & Numbered Edition (1799/6000), framed, excellent condition, asking $299.00 or Best offer. 
2 Great Terry Redlin ART PRINTS, available for purchase, offered framed, unframed, & best offer accepted, Terms Cash, Willing to discuss Shipping charges. Seller motivated to MAKE A DEAL on 1 or Both. Robert: 262-894-0270, cell or text. 
Nebraska Collector has 3 Great Redlin's 
    House Calls, Artist Proof, 615/680, framed, Asking $799.00
    Total Comfort, S/N (4786/9500), Asking $599.00
    God Shed His Grace on Thee, S/N (92389/29,500), Asking $499.00
Willing to offer framed or unframed for shipping purposes, Best Offers accepted, art in excellent condition, Payment cash, Contact Vicki, 402-216-6179 cell & Text 
MoonLight Retreat, by Terry Redlin, for Sale by Collector
The Redlin print, Moonlight Retreat, is framed, S/N (1812/5300), and in EXCELLENT condition. This is one of the Retreat Series, hard to find at a great price, asking $825.00, or best offer. Willing to offer framed, or unframed, for shipping ease & safety. Payment Cash, Buyer pays shipping charges. For more information contact Michele, 913-449-3593 cell/text. 
Redlin, Kouba, Bateman, Gadamus, Hautman, and Hansel Prints FOR SALE
Terry Redlin
   Harvest Moon Ball, framed, S/n ed., Asking $400.
   Spring on the green, Encore Edition, unframed, Asking $200.
   Family Traditions, Encore Edition, framed, Asking $200.
   Sunset Harvest, Encore Edition, Framed, Asking $200.
Les Kouba 
   In Shelter, framed, s/n ed., Asking $300.
   Leaving Shelter, framed, S/N ed, asking $350.
   Ringnecks after Gravel, Framed, A/Proof, asking, $250.
   Pheasants For Winter Stroll, framed, A/Proof, asking $150. 
Robert Bateman 
   Rail Fence & Ringneck Pair, framed, S/n,ed, Asking $400.
Jerry Gadamus 
   Moon Shadows, framed, S/N, Asking $275.
James Hautman
   Memory Lane Pheasants, framed, S/O, Asking $285.
JIM Hansel
   Morning Mallards, framed, open Edition, Asking $200.
Willing to offer framed ,unframed, Motivated seller, best offers, local Minnesota pick up, Payment, Cash, More information contact KEVIN, 507.227.8983.
Minnesota Collector Offering Redlin Doctor Series, & 2 Others Prints
    *Morning Rounds, S/n Ed, Framed, $600.
    *Wednesday Afternoon, S/N Ed, Framed, $600.
    *Office Hours, S/N Ed, Framed, $ 600. 
    *House Calls, A/P Ed, Framed, $ 700. 
    -Spring Thaw, S/N Ed, Framed, $600.
    -Rusty Refuge,4, S/N ED, Framed, $700.
All are framed, matted, in excellent condition. Best Offer, single pieces, or the Doctor Series set, offered framed, or unframed. Local buyer, cash payment, shipping & Ins, buyer pays, or discuss.. For more details contact Thomas, 952-405-9241.
Terry Redlin, Gary Moss Art Prints
    Terry Redlin, "Sharing the Bounty," 147/960, framed, in excellent condition,
     asking $599.00.
    Gary A Moss, "Pine Refuge, Ruffed Grouse," 89/580, asking $184.00
     best offer.
Prints are in excellent condition, ship framed, or unframed, buyer pays shipping & insurance charges, cash, cleared check, other, for more information, contact Julie, 214-766-5340 (cell or text).
Meger Original Watercolor, & Very Rare Terry Redlin Print. 
JAMES A. MEGER, a Minneapolis collector, has rare, original watercolor, titled: "HIGH FLIGHT," Framed, 17" x 22", Image 11" x 15". Asking $1,950.00 or BEST OFFER. View Megar's watercolor.
TERRY REDLIN print titled: "THE HOMESTEAD, 1980, Framed 801/960, Very Rare Pencil Remark, Asking $685.00, or Best offer...willing to discuss shipping, framed or unframed, Cash, Cleared check, local pick up desired. Ask for Bobby, 952-240-0817, cell or text.
Private Collector Down Sizing Framed Terry Redlin Prints
  Delayed Departure, S/N, 1985, DU Print, $300.00, 
  Pure Contentment, S/N, $300.00
  Golden Retreat, S/N, $1,500.
  The Sharing Season, Open Edition, Signed, $300.00
  Rusty Refuge IV, S/N, $450.00
  Sharing the Solitude, S/N, $650.00
  Morning Glow, S/N, $700.00
  Canada Geese, S/N, (Silent Wings Collection) $300.00
  Snow Geese, S/N, (Silent Wings Collection,) $300.00
All Redlin's are in Excellent condition, offered Framed or Unframed, shipping at the buyers expense, best offers considered, For more information contact GAIL, 406-539-6260 (cell or text).
Terry Redlin Collector Wishes to Sell
Terry Redlin collector wishes to offer for sale, "SUNDAY MORNING," art print, signed & numbered, framed or unframed, in excellent condition. Asking $550.00 or best offer plus shipping & handling. Contact Louise at 402-750-8580.

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