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Mpls., Minnesota Collector Downsizing Stamp Prints, Terry Redlin Prints, and Other Artists Works.
   Terry Redlin, Doctor Series, unframed, low prices, WOW
   Minnesota Pheasants, from 1983 to 1991, all in folders, with 2 stamps,
   Minnesota Duck Prints, from1977 to 1990, some framed/some unframed.
   Federal Duck Print, Morris, other federal Artists.
   First of States, from 1987 - 1989, various states, Alaska, Washington,
      Arizona, Georgia, Utah, etc.
   First of Canada Duck Prints, Robert Bateman, man other items.
   Ken Zella, approximately 12 various art prints by Ken Zella (Call for the 
   Misc. art prints, Gromme, Dan Smith, Les Kouba, Marion Anderson, 
       James Meger, etc.
All the art is in excellent condition, offered framed or unframed, buyer is responsible for shipping cost & insurance. BEST REASONABLE OFFERS ARE CONSIDERED, Payment is Cash. Call for complete list of art prints too numerous to mention here. Ask for Diane 763-205-1866 phone.
Florida Private Collector has 8 TERRY REDLIN Framed Prints for Sale
    Welcome to Paradise, Framed, S/N 80/1,450, Asking $565
    Country Neighbors, Framed, S/N 2,474/4,800, Asking $535
    Winter Windbreak, Framed, S/N 623/960, Asking $625
    Evening With Friends, Framed, S/N 6/1,950, Asking $645
    Morning Glow, Framed, S/N 823/960, Asking $845
    Pure Contentment, Framed, S/N 8,314/9,500, Asking $465
    Master of the Valley, Framed, S/N 2,331/6,800, Asking $585
    Evening Solitude, Framed, S/N 3,655/11,500, Asking $645
The prints are in excellent condition. Seller willing to offer framed, or unframed (in a tube), for ease of shipping. Buyer pays shipping and insurance charges. Local Florida pick-up, if convenient. Best offers accepted, if reasonable. Payment cash or cleared check. For information contact Sandy, 231-944-4091 (cell or text).
Mint Condition Doctor Series, by Terry Redlin, for Sale in Minnesota
    Wednesday Afternoon, framed, 2078/6800, asking
    House Calls, framed, 1609/6800, asking $499.00
    Office Hours, framed, 1173/6800, asking $499.00
    Morning Rounds, framed, 1351/6800, asking $499.00
Bargain Price of $1800.00, or BEST OFFER. Willing to offer framed or unframed, buyer pays shipping, local free pick up possible. Seller is motivated. Contact John: 507-381-6690 cell or text.
Ohio Collector has Terry Redlin Framed Art Print
Terry Redlin Art collector in Ohio has a lovely Terry Redlin framed print titled, "Summertime," limited edition, Print Number 12,260/2490. This framed Redlin is just perfectly framed, with just the right colors. Asking price is $399.00. Best Offer accepted, Owner is willing to offer framed, unframed, for ease of shipping. Shipping & Insurance charges are the responsibility of the buyer, or willing to discuss. Don't miss out on this Terry Redlin, that's JUST RIGHT for you. For more information and images contact Tracy 614-937-3333 cell or text.
Terry Redlin "Changing Seasons" Framed Art Prints Set
St. Paul, Minnesota Redlin Collector, has set of 4, framed matched numbered prints of "Changing Seasons"
    Summer, framed, in excellent condition, 516/960, $asking $699.
    Autumn, framed, in excellent condition, 516/960, $asking $599.
    Winter, framed, in excellent condition, 516/960, $asking $599.
     Spring, framed, in excellent condition, 516/960, $asking $599.
Collector is offering these framed Redlin prints as a Local Sale Only. Sold framed, willing to meet 1/2 way for delivery of art, 3-4 hours from St. Paul, MN as not to ship framed art. (condition: excellent). Highly motivated seller, Payment: Cash, Cleared check. Contact Jim at 651-338-0000 cell or text
Fargo, North Dakota Collector Has Framed Terry Redlin Print for Sale
   Trimming the Tree, by Terry Redlin, is framed, 9628/19,500, in excellent
    condition, asking $375.00, or Best Offer.
Seller willing to offer unframed, or framed, for shipping ease, buyer pays for shipping charges...payment is CASH, Cleared check. For more information contact TODD, in Fargo, North Dakota: 701-897-0158 cell or text
Lincoln, NE Collector Has 4 of the Most Prized Framed Terry Redlin Prints
    Morning Retreat, framed, 2299/2400, Asking $1275.00
    Evening Retreat, framed, 295/300, Asking $1275.00
    Golden Retreat, framed, 3528/5000, Asking $1275.00
    Night Flight, framed 94/360, Asking $1275.00
Prices are Very Firm, but asking prices lower than current Market Values. Payment: Cash, Pay Pal, Cleared Check, shipping framed or unframed. Buyer pays shipping. Motivated seller. Ask for Clark, 308-289-0857 cell or text
Private Texas Collector Has TERRY REDLIN & JESSIE BARNES Prints for Sale 
Terry Redlin, Doctor Series All 4. framed, mint condition, excellent, including 
    Morning Rounds, 2036/6800, $700.00, 
    House Calls, 4442/6800,$700.00
    Wednesday Afternoon, 5568/6800, $800.00,
    Office Hours, 4051/6800, $800.00.
JESSIE BARNES, All 6. framed, Mint condition, 
    Election Day, 975/2800, $250.00 
    The Light House, 972/2400, $295.00,
    Christmas Wish, 349/2710, $295.00 
    Starlight in December, 1884/2000, $550.00, 
    Winters Twilight, 972/2800, $375.00 
     October Radiance, 85/2800, $350.00.
Seller willing to accept Best Offers, Payment Cash, willing to discuss shipping charges, Ship framed, unframed for safety of the art prints, local pick up OK, For more information, TEXT Al at 512-426-5255.
MOONLIGHT RETREAT, by Terry Redlin, is For Sale by Collector. 
    Terry Redlin, Moonlight Retreat, 1812/5300, Framed, in EXCELLENT
    Condition. This is one of the Retreat Series. It hard to find at a great price,
    Asking $825.00 or Best Offer. 
Willing to offer framed or unframed for shipping ease & safety. Payment Cash, Buyer pays shipping charges. For more information contact Michele, 913-449-3593 (cell/text).
Mike Sieve and Terry Redlin art prints & Other Artists 
    Mike Sieve prints: Night Moves, Deer Country, October Ritual, Red Alert, First Round, The Boys of Summer, Scrapeline Buck, Homesteaders, Battling Bucks, Rule Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Mike Beatty & the Beatty Buck, Del Austin & the Messy Horns, The Reunion, Mel Johnson & the Beautiful Buck, Milo Hansen & the Hansen Buck. Approximately 20 Mike Sieve, framed, signed & Numbered, art Pieces. All priced Approximately $400-$500, or best offer. (CALL FOR QUOTE) Jess, 763.443.4860. cell / text. 
   Terry Redlin prints: Sunset Harvest, Evening Retreat, Golden Retreat,
(CALL FOR QUOTE) Jess, 763.443.4860. cell / text. 
   Other artists: Richard Plasschaert, Jim Hansel, Phillip Crowe, Steve Hamerick, Patrice Wolput, Richard Clifton, Al Stelton, federal Cartridge Co, 2000. call or text for titles...(CALL FOR QUOTE) Jess, 763.443.4860. cell / text.
   All art available framed, unframed, Best Offers, shipping charges additional, Cash payment, call for price quotes, (CPQ) All titles & artist, available. Local Seller. Jess, 763.443.4860. cell / text.
6 Terry Redlin prints for Sale by Florida Collector
    America, America, Framed, S/N Ed, Asking $149.
    Office Hours, Framed, S/N Ed, Asking $149.
    Summertime, Framed, S/N Ed, Asking $149.
    Evening Solitude, Framed, Open Edition, Asking $149.
    Homeward Bound, Framed, Open Edition, Asking $149. 
    Prepared for the Season, Open Edition, Asking $149.
    Best offers also accepted, framed or unframed for shipment, buyer pays shipping & Insurance, Cash, Pay Pal, for more information contact Jerry at 302-743-5700 (cell or text).
Private Collector Has Old, Unframed, Redlins, & a David Maass Print
Terry Redlin, Unframed art prints available: 
   Breaking Covey, 26/960, $700. 
   Silent Sunset, 10/40 D.U. Special Edition, from 1000 print edition, $750.
   Morning Chores, 959/960, $950.
   Sharing Season II, $150.00
All hand signed, open editions, by Terry Redlin, "Thank you" Terry Redlin. Excellent conditions. 
David A .Maass, 
   Pothole Country Pintails, 101/400 
Your chance to round out your collection with these very fine unframed art prints. Best offer plus shipping & handling charges. Ask for Cindy, 952-240-5077 (Text, cell) 
Terry Redlin, Mark Anderson, Rosemary Millette
Terry Redlin: Rusty Refuge Set, unframed, #1, is a Artist Proof, 2, 3, 4. Others include: America the Beautiful, museum set with matching numbers, unframed, 2, Legacy Canvas editions, both numbered 2/500, Heading Home, & Comforts of Home, S/N editions, some framed, unframed, Hawthorne Villages, some electric & non electric. 
Mark Anderson: "Wild Turkeys" with Reproduction Rights, an original oil on canvas, under terms & conditions. 
Rosemary Millette: "Woodland Splendor Turkeys", "Beyond the Storm, "Pheasants", all unframed, & a total of 4 more, unframed, Rosemary Millette art prints.
Text only for price quote to Sara, 605-321-6217, a list of available art can be faxed upon request. Willing to discuss shipping charges.
Terry Redlin Collector, Ralph McDonald, With Great Art Deals!!.
Rare Ralph McDonald art prints: The Statesman, Beaver Dam Mallard, Geese at Gaddys Pond, Green Head Hideway, Beaver Dam Wood Ducks.
Also Terry Redlin art prints: Evening Harvest, Deer Crossing, Sharing the Solitude, Whistle Stop, Sunlit Trail, That Special Time, plus other great Redlins, all signed & numbered, some framed, some unframed. Call for price quote. Sold framed, or unframed, BEST offers accepted, plus shipping & handling. Contact Michael at 865-310-1645, cell or text.
Terry Redlin Encore Editions & Limited Editions, All Framed in Excellent Condition
Encore Titles: Evening With friends, Morning Solitude, Evening Solitude, Family Traditions, Winter Wonderland, Heartland Lights, Welcome to Paradise, ASKING $255.00 per item, your choice.
Limited Editions (signed & numbered): Almost Home, Autumn Evening, Migration Days Guardian of Conservation, Pure Contentment, Summertime, Pleasures of Winter, Asking $475.00, your choice, BEST FRIENDS, $1,400. 
KIM Reinmuth, "Lead a horse to Water," $50.00.
Offered framed or unframed, best offers accepted, plus shipping, on all titles. FEEL FREE to make an offer. Contact Kelly, 785-639-1926, cell or text. 
Private Collector has Large Collection of Framed Art for Sale
Various Artists include, Terry Redlins, Dave Barnhouse, R.J. McDonald, George Lockwood, Terry Williams, Richard Plasschaert, Linda Picken, Donald Vanny, Julie Cramer Cole, Robert Summers, Terry Anderson, David Lanier, Jim Hansel, & Other Artist to choose from. Redlin list and Prices. List of Other Artists and Prices. Click to see print sizes and framed sizes, Ask For Brandon, 479.236.7472.
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