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Easy to do. Just email us with up to 40 words telling us what you want your classified ad to say. We'll do the rest.

Classified Ad Rental Fee
   9 Months = $75.00
   12 Months = $100.00
Send Arlen an email with your ad and use the Buy Now button below to pay.


Renew Your Ad:
9 months for $40
    12 months for $60
Send Arlen an email with your renewal and use the Buy Now button below to pay.
South Dakota Collector Has Large Art Collection for Sale
    America, America by Terry Redlin, s/n edition, framed
    Heading for Shelter, by Les C. Kouba, A/P, framed
    Lion Around by Josh Spies, s/n edition, framed
    Cans Over North Hedtke by John S. Wilson, s/n edition, framed
    Evening Crossings by Rosemary Millette, s/n edition, framed
The collection also include Robert Bateman and many others. There are nearly 40 items available. Call for Price Quotes.
    Text images on request, items sold framed, or unframed, for shipping, Best Offers Accepted. Buyers responsible for shipping, Payment: cash or check, willing to meet, if close distances.
    MOTIVATED SELLER. Contact Sue: 941-544-3632 cell for price quotes and texted images to you..


Lakeville, Minnesota Collector has Extensive Print Collection
    Private collector in Lakeville, Minn. has art collection. Artists include: Redlin, Kouba, Bateman, Glazier, Gromme, Killen, Maass, Meger, Millette, Moss, Russell, Timm, Zoelick, and others. Inventory includes framed, unframed, books, art prints, and stamp prints. 
    Low prices, must sell, make offers, MOTIVATED SELLER, values available, call for mailed list. BEST OFFERS ACCEPTED. Local delivery possible, Payments: CASH, Checks. 
    Contact Bill or Laura by Text, Voice,: 952-221-5869. Request title list by mail, photo images via TEXT, call, or text, for MORE INFORMATION.


Montana Collector has TERRY REDLIN'S Morning Retreat & Evening Retreat (Framed)
    Morning Retreat, D.U., 1424/2400, framed, excellent condition, 
       Asking $1250.00 
    Evening Retreat, D.U., 566/3000, framed, excellent condition, 
        Asking $1250.00
Best offers accepted on one, or both, framed, or unframed, buyer pays shipping charges and insurance. Payment: cash, PayPal, cleared check, or wire transfer, images available, excellent condition. Motivated seller, contact Ron 406-250-9322 cell or text for images, or more information.   
South Dakota Collector Has Framed "America the Beautiful" Series 
SD Collector has all 8 framed "America the Beautiful" prints by Terry Redlin, all in the /29,500 series of prints, and are in excellent condition, Asking price $350 EACH, your choice...or group prices, Payment: cash, check, wire transfer. Shipped framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping. Buyer responsible for shipping charges...MUST SELL, down sizing to different living quarters. MORE information contact: DENNIS 605-237-6308 images on request.


West Coast Collector Has Redlin's and Other Art Prints
Terry Redlin, Comforts of Home, 8815/22,900, framed, excellent condition,
     Asking $425.00
Terry Redlin, White Caps, 819/960, framed, excellent condition,
     Asking $450.00
Terry Redlin, Prepared for the Season, Signed only, framed, excellent
     condition, Asking $350.00
Gerald Mobility, Federal Duck print, 13,930/18,200, framed, excellent
     condition, print &Stamp, Asking $275.00
Keith Warrick, Calif Spring, Open Edition, framed, excellent condition,
     Asking $299.00
Keith Warrick, Backwater Green Heads, Open Edition, framed, excellent
     condition, Asking $299.00
Lou DePaolis, Feathered Monarch, 220/450, framed, excellent condition,
     Asking $275.00
Willing to offer framed, or unframed, Best Offers accepted, if
payment PayPal, cash, cleared check, Buyer is responsible for shipping charges, photos sent upon request, Motivated Seller, Contact: TED 503-313-6805 cell or text.


Minnesota Collector Has REDLIN COLLECTION
    Evening With Friends, 14,133/19,500, framed, Mint Condition,
       Asking $699.00
    Pleasures of Winter, 1619/24,500, framed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $499.00
    Comforts of Home, 11,013/22,900, framed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $499.00
    Evening Star, Open Edition, framed, Mint Condition, Asking $199.00
Offered framed, or unframed, Open to best offers on 4 framed art prints, or single units. Payment: Cash, Cleared Check, Buyer pays shipping charges, Motivated Minnesota Seller, Open to reasonable offers, Contact Rick: 218-251-5087, cell or text messages, Pics to serious buyers.


Arizona Kouba Collector Has Mint, Unframed, Les Kouba's
    After the Rain, 698/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $285.00
    After the Rain, 714/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $285.00
    Fall Plowing,934/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $275.00
    Fall Plowing, 919/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $275.00
    Sharptails at Harvest, 919/1000, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $225.00
    Mallards Returning Early, 782/1500, unframed, Mint Condition, 
       Asking $225.00
    Moose Country, 934/1200,unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $285.00
    Trolling to the Bar, 566/1200, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $375.00
    Trolling to the Bar, 567/1200, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $375.00
    Before the Freeze, 256/900, unframed, Mint Condition, Asking $185.00
Lot price for all would be accepted, Best Offers, Buyer pays shipping from Arizona in a Hard Tube. Payment: Cash, PayPal, Money Wire Transfer, MOTIVATED SELLER, pics to serious buyers. ASK FOR PAT 602-743-2077 cell or text. MOTIVATED SELLER.


Arizona Collector has framed Art Prints
    Terry Redlin, Lifetime Companions, 262/29,500, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $599.00
    Tom Mansanavez, King of the Hill, 247/750, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $399.00
    James Meger, Two Deer, Open Edition, 1993, framed, excellent condition,
       Asking $399.00
BEST OFFERS ACCEPTED, open to lot price on all 3 items, $1299.00. Payment: cash, PayPal, personal check, buyer pays shipping, framed, or unframed, for ease of shipping, Cell pics possible. Contact Mary at 319-651-4680, cell or text. MOTIVATED SELLER.


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