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Redlin Collector Has 4 Great Terry Redlin's Available 
   Hazy Afternoon, F, S/N edition, Asking $499.00
   Autumn Shoreline, F. S/N edition, Asking $399.00
   Best Friends , F. S/N edition, Asking $1499.00
   Sharing the Solitude, F, S/N edition, $649.00 
All in excellent condition, All have Certificate of Authenticity. Best Offers Accepted, Shipping & Insurance is negotiable, Framed, Unframed, for shipping, Payment Cash, Twin City delivery possible. For more information contact Lonny: 320-305-0879.
Collector Offering Great Terry Redlin Art
   Terry Redlin
   Nitelite, S. Dak, D.U. 1985, 593/1500, framed, $499.00
   Prairie Skyline, 282/960, framed, $1,499.00, 
   Winter Haven, 73/500. framed, $649.00
Elizabeth Horning   
    Corrine's Iris  canvas, Framed in Aluminum , $349.00
Best Offers Accepted, framed, unframed for shipping, Call for images, Willing to TALK. Shipping charges negotiable, payment cash, or cleared check, Questions answered gladly. Contact Douglas: 863-286-8189. 
Wildlife Collector Downsizing Art Prints 
  Terry Redlin, "Sharing The Evening," framed, s/n, 6419/29500, $385.00. 
  Maynard Reece, 1993 Iowa Duck print, 20/160, $255.00
  Nick Klepinger, 1978, Iowa Duck Stamp-print, 21/30, Ducks Unlimited
    edition, $250.00 
  Phil Scholar, Framed, Golden Anniversary Federal Duck print, with Signed
    stamp, 1983, A/P 768/1500, $275.00.
Willing to Accept Best Offers, Ship Framed or Unframed, for your convenience & safety, willing to discussing shipping charges, Payment CASH, Cleared CHECK, will answer all questions, images available upon request for serious enquirers. ASK FOR WILLIE at 515-229-2572.
Private Collector Has Large Array Of Valuable Art for Sale 
Major Artists included: Terry Redlin, Rosemary Miner, P. Buckley Moss, & Others.
    Golden Retreat, 2726/5000, by Terry Redlin, 
    "Tidal Music" by Rosemary Miner, 18" x 24", Oil on Canvas (famous
        California Artist),
    "Lesson in Patience", by P. Buckley Moss.
Other well known P. Buckley Moss framed prints, and other artists including: Frank Huat, Charles Russell, Hoerner etching; Nancy Kelly, L. Archie, Frank Huat, Call for Prices & Details. 
All items are framed (ship framed or unframed), shipping & handling are discussed. Willing to send IMAGES. Cashiers check, cash, cleared check, all items are in Great condition. Contact Barbara: 407-380-3440, Call for a quote.
South Dakota Collector With Terrific Terry Redlin Print
Master of VALLEY, by Terry Redlin, 6213/6800, framed, in excellent condition. The asking price is $395.00, or best offer, plus shipping charges, payment is cash in advance, cleared check, etc., will ship framed, or unframed to the new buyer The print is located in Milbank, South Dakota. Contact JANICE at 605-951-8347 for more information.
Terry Redlin Collector Wants To Sell 2 Items: 
   "Sharing the Evening," s/n ed., framed, asking $350.00 or best offer 
   "Night on the Town," s/n ed., framed, asking $350.00 or best offer 
Willing to listen to " best offers," shipping paided by buyer, framed or unframed. payment method, cash or money order. Call 216-471-1753 (cell /text) and ask for Maureen (MO). 
Ducks Unlimited Print Collection and Other Items
   D.U. - Terry Redlin, "Evening Retreat," 2025/3000, framed, $1250.00 
   D.U. - Terry Doughty, "Canvasback Memories," 485/5300, framed, $350.00
   D.U. - Chris Leiter, Shadow box picture edition, With Duck decoy with lead Weight, 81/120, $375.00 
   Canada D.U. - Kenneth A. Ferris, "Green Winged Teal," 3196/4300, framed, $385.00
Assorted Merchandise & Collectibles including :
   D.U. Ring Neck Duck Vintage Old Carving #1319 original carver, Signed by Artist, Tom Tabor,& Hersey Kyle Jr.1983-1984, asking $265.00.
   Also Puppy Duck, (Duck Bill) a collectible from the 1970's ERA asking $135.00 
All prices subject to BEST OFFER, willing to discuss Shipping & Insurance. Payment: Pay pal, check, or cash. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Belva, 580-243-9297 Cell / Text.
Terry Redlin Prints, All Framed, Ready for Your Wall
Redlin collector has:
all 4 Rusty Refuge series, 1, 2, 3, 4, framed,. asking price is $1,099, your choice. 
Autumn Evening, $695 - Prairie Monuments $1,479 - Hazy Afternoon, $979 - Life Time Companions,$500 - Evening Company, $1,309 - Morning Glow,$1,500 - Night Flight, $1,800 - Bluebill point, A/p $909
All prints framed,& S/N edition, OR Best offer, Shipping discussed. 
Also Redlin plates; 
   "Seasons to Remember", Jan-Dec, call for Quote 
    Terry Redlin Woodland Canoe Series, 5 plates C F Q
Contact DANNY: 715-817-3965 Cell or Text. 715-398-9943 home 
South Dakota Collector Has Massive Plate Collection for Sale
Artists included: Terry Redlin, Norman Rockwell, Donald Zolan, Jessie Barnes, Darrell Bush, M.J. Hummel, Emmette Kay, and others. 
    Redlin Series include: Hearthland Collection, Hunters Paradise, Glow Series, That Special Time, American Memories, Retreat Series, Annual Christmas, Country Doctor, Windows into the Wild, Wildlife Memories. 
    Norman Rockwell: Light Campaign, Coming of Age. 
    Jessie Barnes: When All Heart Comes Home. 
    Bart Jenner: Living With Nature.
    MJ Hummel: Little Companions.
    Emmette Kay: Farming in the Heartland, MARCH OF DIMES Collection.
    Darrell Bush: Field of North American Birds. 
    Donald Zolan: Special Memories, The World of Zolan, Adventures of Childhood, Zolan Single Issue.
For a complete list of Plates, click on Plates. ALL in boxes with certificate. 
    Some art is available as well: Redlin, Zylla,Hansel, Green, Wieser, Pears, Call for list. Contact Verna at 605-209-1554, cell or text, for price quotes on the plate & art collections, shipping & handing discussed.
Indiana Collector Has Popular Terry Redlin Prints 
   Lights of Home, by Terry Redlin, S/N edition, framed, asking $750.00
   Winter Wonderland, by Terry Redlin, S/N edition, framed, asking $385.00 
The framed print's are in excellent condition. Owner is willing to offer unframed for ease of shipping, every season these Terry Redlin prints are in great demand. Best offer accepted, shipping & insurance can be open for discussion. Ask for Fay: 765-452-9795. 
Ohio Collector Has Terry Redlin's "House Calls," for Sale 
"House Calls,"
part of the famous "Doctor Series" by Terry Redlin, 3123/6800, currently framed, owner willing to offer it unframed for purchase or shipping purpose. Your chance to get this excellent condition art print asking $1,199.00 or BEST OFFER, Shipping & Insurance possibly negotiable, Teri: 978-846-0308, text or cell. 
Minneapolis Collector Has Very Old & Valuable Terry Redlin Art Print 
"Prairie Skyline" is one of Terry Redlinís most sought after prints. VERY popular - always in demand. Now is your chance to purchase this locally. "Prairie Skyline" is a limited edition print, 43/96, artist proof, framed, signed from 1984. Print is in very good condition considering the age. Offered framed or unframed, will discuss shipping, handling & Insurance charges. Asking price $900.00. Call Brenda 952-681-7125
Wisconsin Collector With 3 Great Framed Terry Redlin Prints
   Prairie Morning, S/N edition, framed, $699.00.
   Hazy Afternoon, A/P edition, framed, $599.00.
   Evening With Friends, S/N edition, framed, $799.00. 
Offered, framed or unframed, shipping & Insurance negotiable, best offers considered. Contact Rochelle at 414-559-0514 cell.
Private Collector Has Old, Unframed, Redlins, & a David Maass Print
Terry Redlin, Unframed art prints available: 
   Breaking Covey, 26/960, $700. 
   Silent Sunset, 10/40 D.U. Special Edition, from 1000 print edition, $750.
   Morning Chores, 959/960, $950.
   Sharing Season II, $150.00
All hand signed, open editions, by Terry Redlin, "Thank you" Terry Redlin. Excellent conditions. 
David A .Maass, 
   Pothole Country Pintails, 101/400 
Your chance to round out your collection with these very fine unframed art prints. Best offer plus shipping & handling charges. Ask for Cindy, 952-240-5077 (Text, cell) 
Terry Redlin, Mark Anderson, Rosemary Millette
Terry Redlin: Rusty Refuge Set, unframed, #1, is a Artist Proof, 2, 3, 4. Others include: America the Beautiful, museum set with matching numbers, unframed, 2, Legacy Canvas editions, both numbered 2/500, Heading Home, & Comforts of Home, S/N editions, some framed, unframed, Hawthorne Villages, some electric & non electric. 
Mark Anderson: "Wild Turkeys" with Reproduction Rights, an original oil on canvas, under terms & conditions. 
Rosemary Millette: "Woodland Splendor Turkeys", "Beyond the Storm, "Pheasants", all unframed, & a total of 4 more, unframed, Rosemary Millette art prints.
Text only for price quote to Sara, 605-321-6217, a list of available art can be faxed upon request. Willing to discuss shipping charges.
Terry Redlin Collector, Ralph McDonald, With Great Art Deals!!.
Rare Ralph McDonald art prints: The Statesman, Beaver Dam Mallard, Geese at Gaddys Pond, Green Head Hideway, Beaver Dam Wood Ducks.
Also Terry Redlin art prints: Evening Harvest, Deer Crossing, Sharing the Solitude, Whistle Stop, Sunlit Trail, That Special Time, plus other great Redlins, all signed & numbered, some framed, some unframed. Call for price quote. Sold framed, or unframed, BEST offers accepted, plus shipping & handling. Contact Michael at 865-310-1645, cell or text.
Terry Redlin Encore Editions & Limited Editions, All Framed in Excellent Condition
Encore Titles: Evening With friends, Morning Solitude, Evening Solitude, Family Traditions, Winter Wonderland, Heartland Lights, Welcome to Paradise, ASKING $255.00 per item, your choice.
Limited Editions (signed & numbered): Almost Home, Autumn Evening, Migration Days Guardian of Conservation, Pure Contentment, Summertime, Pleasures of Winter, Asking $475.00, your choice, BEST FRIENDS, $1,400. 
KIM Reinmuth, "Lead a horse to Water," $50.00.
Offered framed or unframed, best offers accepted, plus shipping, on all titles. FEEL FREE to make an offer. Contact Kelly, 785-639-1926, cell or text. 
Private Collector has Large Collection of Framed Art for Sale
Various Artists include, Terry Redlins, Dave Barnhouse, R.J. McDonald, George Lockwood, Terry Williams, Richard Plasschaert, Linda Picken, Donald Vanny, Julie Cramer Cole, Robert Summers, Terry Anderson, David Lanier, Jim Hansel, & Other Artist to choose from. Redlin list and Prices. List of Other Artists and Prices. Click to see print sizes and framed sizes, Ask For Brandon, 479.236.7472.
Private Collector With 44, Great Older Framed Terry Redlin Package
A Large Framed Terry Redlin Package, ranging from 1982 to 2004, is available for purchase. You may want in this package..... List includes: Evening Retreat, Golden Retreat, Moonlight Retreat, Shoreline Neighbors, Comforts of home, Total Comfort, Boulder Ridge, all totaling approximately 44 framed, signed & numbered Terry Redlin art prints. Click here to see the full listing of Art prints. Owner Willing To Split The Package, Buy One, Or Buy All. Contact: CLINT, 512-550-8299 cell or text.
2 Terry Redlin Framed Prints (ARTIST PROOFS)
Minneapolis Redlin collector has 2 great framed Redlins. 
"Clearing the Rail," Artist Proof, 8/96, Framed, Asking $685.00 
"Spring Thaw," Artist proof, 66/96, Framed, Asking $685.00 
Framed or Unframed. Call for Framed photos, Local pick up ok. 
Best Offer, Chuck, 763-442-6914. Buyer pays Shipping,
Terry Redlin Collection for Sale 
God Shed His Grace, S/N, framed, asking $575.00
Evening Rehearsals, S/N, framed, asking $450.00
Spring Fishing, S/N, framed, asking $350.00 
Morning Surprise, S/N, framed, asking $450.00
Summer Time, S/N, framed, asking $450.00
Harvest Moon Ball, S/N, framed, asking $585.00
Comforts of Home, S/N ed., framed, asking $700.00
Night on the Town, S/n ed asking $300.00
Sunday Morning, S/N ed, framed, asking $300.00
Artist: Zettie Jones, In Fathers Footsteps, S/N ed, framed, asking $250.00
MUST SELL - Best OFFER, Framed or Unframed.
Shipping charges are responsibility of the buyer
Contact Larry: 479-651-629 (Cell/Text) 
Saint Paul, MN, Collector is Selling Terry Redlin's Evening Rehearsals
Evening Rehearsals, S/N ed edition, 1192/9500, framed in Cherry, Indigo Colored Frame, released January, 1996, asking $399.00 or Best Offer + Plus shipping & Insurance. Mike: 651-276-1356 Cell (text me, before you call). Local pick up ok. 
Redlin's Print - "Aroma Of Fall" 
Great Discount On Terry Redlin's "AROMA OF FALL," 6411/6800, framed, in GREAT SHAPE, but will ship unframed, just matted or just the art print...Due to the possibility of breakage from the shipper, (UPS) etc....Seller will send unframed in a tube for Safety Reasons if desired... seller willing to pay shipping charges if shipped unframed or framed. Asking price $499.00 or BEST OFFER, unframed, & shipped. Contact ANNE  630-456-6384.
Moonlight Retreat - Ducks Unlimited 1988 Flyway Collection
3969/5300, hand signed by T.R. $5400.00
Golden Retreat - Ducks Unlimited 50th Anniversary Commemorative
Edition, Artist Proof, 104/500, hand signed by T.R. $6,500.00
Coming Home - Limited Edition, 737/2400, hand signed by T.R. $1,550.00
Lights of Home - Limited Edition, 2353/9500, hand signed by T.R. $1,450.00
Autumn Afternoon - Limited Edition, 737/4800, hand signed by T.R. $1,450.00
Winter Windbreak - Limited Edition, 201/960, hand signed by T.R. $1,675.00
Homeward Bound - hand signed by T.R. $1,200.00
Quiet of the Evening - (rare print to market), 2863/4800, hand signed by T.R. $ 975.00
Winter Wonderland - Limited Edition, 3051/29,500, hand signed by T.R. $ 850.00
Almost Home - Limited Edition, 12486/29500, hand signed by T.R. $ 500.00
Sharing the Evening - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Autumn Shoreline - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Heading Home - hand signed by T.R. $575.00
Sharing Season - hand signed by T.R., plaque $475.00
Sharing Season II - hand signed by T.R., plaque $475.00
Together For The Season - hand signed by T.R. $450.00
Pleasures of Winter - Limited Edition, 1612/29,500, hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Prepared For the Season - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Winter Snows - size of picture 21 x 14 1/2, hand signed by T.R. $675.00
Trimming The Tree - Limited Edition, 2602/19500, hand signed by T.R. $275.00
Night on the Town - Limited Edition, 14912/29500, hand signed by T.R. $250.00
Family Traditions - hand signed by T.R. $225.00
Welcome To Paradise - Limited Edition, 6730/14500, hand signed by T.R. $975.00
Shoreline Neighbors - certificate of authenticity, $ 75.00
Follow this link to see other artists and their prints.
Contact: SUSAN 605-370-8770 and 605-370-3316. 
Wayzata, Mn Wildlife Collector, Has Very Large Collection
Terry Redlin, Jim Meger, Les Kouba, David Maass, Owen J. Gromme, Mario Fernandaz & others prints, unframed, & framed, plus other Minnesota artists & prints. Included: Minnesota duck prints, Minnesota pheasant prints, Minnesota turkey prints, Minnesota Trout Stream, Minnesota Federation Conservation, Federal duck prints, National Wild Turkey Prints, National Wild Turkey Federation, & Many other art prints. Most Terry Redlin prints are the old 960 Editions, for example, Winter Wind Break, Afternoon Glow, Stormy Weather, etc. Call & check for prices, & shipping information... Contact: Sue 612-889-7285, Fax number 952-473-4749.
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