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11 Terry Redlin Annual Christmas Prints
South Dakota collector has 11 Terry Redlin annual Christmas prints, All shirk wrapped on foam core, UNFRAMED, as received from the Redlin dealers. All in mint condition, never framed, stored correctly, all with Certificates of Authenticity. 
    Trimming the Tree, s/n, unframed, $350.
    Winter Wonderland s/n, unframed, $300.
    Sharing the Evening, s/n, unframed, $275.
    Racing Home, s/n, unframed, $150.
    Family Traditions, signed/only, unframed, $220.
    Pleasures of Winter A/P, unframed, $475.
    Sweet Memories, s/n, unframed, $350.
    Evening Frost, s/n, unframed, $225.
    Almost Home, s/n, unframed, $250.
    Toasting Marshmallows, s/n, unframed, $150.
    Night on the Town, s/n, unframed, $185.
Best Offers accepted on the group, or each, Buyer pays shipping charges, Cash, check cleared, Other, Contact: CINDY, 605-380-9919 cell.
Northern Minnesota Collector Has 3 Great Redlin's
   Morning Solitude, S/N Edition, Framed, $475.00.
   Campfire Tales, S/N edition, Framed, $325.00.
   Evening Solitude, A/P Edition, Framed, $ 975.00 
All are very nicely framed, excellent condition, best offers, shipping & insurance on all items negotiable, willing to ship unframed, framed, payment cash, bank check, cleared check. Ccontact: Joan 218-428-0990. 
Terry Redlin Collector, Has High Value Redlins for Sale 
   Morning Retreat, Evening Retreat, Moonlight Retreat, Golden Retreat, All S/N editions ,framed asking $1,700 each your choice. If purchasing all 4 framed Retreats, asking is $1,500 Per item (Total $6,000.00).
   Other Redlin titles: Hunters Haven,$1,000, Night Mapling,$600, Rural Route $800, Best Friends,$1,800. Autumn Afternoon $600, Special Memories $1,000, Spring Mapling $600. All are framed, S & N editions. 
   The Empty Stand, UF, S/N edition, Asking $400,"The Picked Field, Framed, S/N edition, Asking $600. 
JOHN GREEN, Anxious Moments, Framed, $250.00, also, "American Water Spaniel Legacy," Framed, $75.00. 
JOHN WILSON, Stormy Day Bluebills, framed, $200.00.
JAMES MEGER, Catch The Wind, Framed $125.00. 
RICHARD PLASSCHAERT, White tail Deer, Framed, $225.00.
best offers, shipping & insurance discussed, cash, cleared checks. OPEN TO BEST OFFERS. 
Contact George 218-790-0273.
Terry Redlin & Les Kouba Prints by Private Collector
     Moonlight Retreat by Terry Redlin, Framed, 2062/5300. From the Flyway Collection, 1988 Asking $2499 or best offer.
     Golden Retreat by Terry Redlin,4473/5000. 50th Anniversary Collection. Asking $1499 or best offer.
     Autumn Shoreline by Terry Redlin, Open Edition, Framed, Asking $399.
     Last Flock Out by Les Kouba, S/N edition, Framed, Excellent Dondition, Asking $285 or best offer.
Offered framed or unframed for shipping ease. Photos available. Willing to listen to "Best Offers." Payment: cash or cleared check. Contact Terrie at 740-502-2658.
Terry Redlin's, The "Doctor Series," Offered By Private Collector For Sale
Doctor Series Art Prints (4)
   Wednesday Afternoon, F, S/N $900.00
   Office Hours: F, S/N, $800.00,
   Morning Rounds, F, S/N $800.00
   House Calls, F, S/N $800. 
framed or unframed, Set of 4, $3,000, or Best Offers, Located Twin Cities Area (MN), Shipping & Handling Discussed, Payment Cash, Steven: 320-492-9269.
Private Collector, Has 4, High Quality, Framed Terry Redlin Prints 
   Morning Glow, $799.00, S/N, ed edition, framed in excellent condition. 
   Afternoon Glow, $699.00, S/N, ed edition, framed, in excellent condition. 
   Evening Glow,$999.00 S/N, edition, framed in excellent condition. 
   Sundown. $699.00 S/N edition, D,.U. Print of the year framed in excellent condition, 
Best offers welcomed, call for photos, Local pick up desired, shipping charges negotiable, maybe willing to ship unframed out of town, cash, cleared check. Contact Jerry, 612-701-9514, cell or text, for more information.
Wisconsin Collector Has Redlin & Gromme Prints for Sale
    Terry Redlin print from the Doctor Series, "Office Hours" S/N edition, 
    framed, asking $875.00. 
    Owen J. Gromme print from the "African Series," "Leopard in a Tree,"
1975, framed, asking $575.00.
Best offer considered, shipping & insurance is a discussion matter, terms are cash or money order, willing to possible meet for delivery from Wisconsin, Ask for DAVE 608-408-7502 cell/text. 
Great Terry Redlin & Will Moses Art Prints
"Night Flight" by Terry Redlin, Ducks Unlimited art print, framed, signed & numbered, excellent condition, $950.00 
"Morning Rounds" by Terry Redlin, unframed, signed & numbered, $750.00
"House Calls, by Terry Redlin, $850.00 
"Parade Day," by Will Moses. Framed, S/N, $200.00 
Best offer, willing to discuss shipping & insurance, 
Jackie, 574-835-2673 - cell or text
Redlin Collector in St Louis Park, MN Has 7 Great Redlin's
  Morning Chores, S/N, framed, in excellent condition, Asking $300.00
  Office hours, S/N, framed, in excellent condition, $300.00.
  Wednesday Afternoon, S/N, framed, in excellent condition, $400.00 
  House Calls, S/N, framed, in excellent condition, $500.00
  Changing Seasons "Spring", S/N, framed, in excellent condition, $300.00
  Ageing Shoreline, S/N, framed, in excellent condition, $200.00
  Together for the Seasons, Signed Only, framed, in excellent condition, $300.00 
Prints are offered framed or unframed, best offer considered, local pick up possible, shipping & Insurance negotiable Ask for Edward, 952-393-9373 Cell or text. 
Sioux Falls, SD Collector Offers Redlin's "Spring Fishing" For Sale 
Terry Redlin's "Spring Fishing" is an Artist Proof, framed, in excellent Condition. It's a real find with a Terrific price. Print ships framed or unframed. Asking price is $599.00. Willing to discuss shipping charges. Ask for Lauren, 605-321-7611, cell or text. 
Missouri Art Gallery has a LARGE Collection of Western, Wildlife and Military Art
All art is signed and numbered limited edition prints from current dealerships and PAST publishers. Artists include: Terry Redlin, Robert Bateman, G. Harvey, Steve Lyman, Fred Machetanz, Frank McCarthy, Howard Terpning, David Barnhouse, P. Buckley Moss, Bev Doolittle, William Phillips. All major artist's, & Other's, prints are in their original folders with certificate. SALE Due to inventory reduction of the gallery. OFFERS accepted, subject to shipping & handling charges. Contact Barbi, 816-401-1662 cell, 573-443-5010, gallery. 
Private Collector Down Sizing Framed Terry Redlin Prints
  Delayed Departure, S/N, 1985, DU Print, $300.00, 
  Pure Contentment, S/N, $300.00
  Golden Retreat, S/N, $1,500.
  The Sharing Season, Open Edition, Signed, $300.00
  Rusty Refuge IV, S/N, $450.00
  Sharing the Solitude, S/N, $650.00
  Morning Glow, S/N, $700.00
  Canada Geese, S/N, (Silent Wings Collection) $300.00
  Snow Geese, S/N, (Silent Wings Collection,) $300.00
All Redlins are in Excellent condition, offered Framed or Unframed, shipping at the buyers expense, best offers considered, For more information contact GAIL, 406-539-6260 (cell or text).
Moonlight Retreat - Ducks Unlimited 1988 Flyway Collection
3969/5300, hand signed by T.R. $5400.00
Golden Retreat - Ducks Unlimited 50th Anniversary Commemorative
Edition, Artist Proof, 104/500, hand signed by T.R. $6,500.00
Coming Home - Limited Edition, 737/2400, hand signed by T.R. $1,550.00
Lights of Home - Limited Edition, 2353/9500, hand signed by T.R. $1,450.00
Autumn Afternoon - Limited Edition, 737/4800, hand signed by T.R. $1,450.00
Winter Windbreak - Limited Edition, 201/960, hand signed by T.R. $1,675.00
Homeward Bound - hand signed by T.R. $1,200.00
Quiet of the Evening - (rare print to market), 2863/4800, hand signed by T.R. $ 975.00
Winter Wonderland - Limited Edition, 3051/29,500, hand signed by T.R. $ 850.00
Almost Home - Limited Edition, 12486/29500, hand signed by T.R. $ 500.00
Sharing the Evening - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Autumn Shoreline - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Heading Home - hand signed by T.R. $575.00
Sharing Season - hand signed by T.R., plaque $475.00
Sharing Season II - hand signed by T.R., plaque $475.00
Together For The Season - hand signed by T.R. $450.00
Pleasures of Winter - Limited Edition, 1612/29,500, hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Prepared For the Season - hand signed by T.R. $500.00
Winter Snows - size of picture 21 x 14 1/2, hand signed by T.R. $675.00
Trimming The Tree - Limited Edition, 2602/19500, hand signed by T.R. $275.00
Night on the Town - Limited Edition, 14912/29500, hand signed by T.R. $250.00
Family Traditions - hand signed by T.R. $225.00
Welcome To Paradise - Limited Edition, 6730/14500, hand signed by T.R. $975.00
Shoretime Neighbors - certificate of authenticity, $ 75.00
Contact: SUSAN 605.371.0413, 
Wayzata, MN Wildlife Collector, Has Very Large Collection
Terry Redlin, Jim Meger, Les Kouba, David Maass, Owen J. Gromme, Mario Fernandaz & others prints, unframed, & framed, plus other Minnesota artists & prints. Included: Minnesota duck prints, Minnesota pheasant prints, Minnesota turkey prints, Minnesota Trout Stream, Minnesota Federation Conservation, Federal duck prints, National Wild Turkey Prints, National Wild Turkey Federation, & Many other art prints. Most Terry Redlin prints are the old 960 Editions, for example, Winter Wind Break, Afternoon Glow, Stormy Weather, etc. Call & check for prices, & shipping information... Contact: Sue 612-889-7285, Fax number 952-473-4749.
Arizona Redlin Collector Has Mint Condition Doctor Series
The following Terry Redlin's prints are all unframed, in original folder, mint condition, signed & numbered edition. Office Hours, $800, House Calls, $850, Wednesday Afternoon, $825, Morning Rounds, $650 - 4 very special Terry Redlin prints available. Sold as a set, or as individual prints. Subject to shipping & postage expenses. Contact: Kimber: 480-254-1257 cell/text.
Terry Redlin Collector Wishes to Sell
Terry Redlin collector wishes to offer for sale, "SUNDAY MORNING," art print, signed & numbered, framed or unframed, in excellent condition. Asking $550.00 or best offer plus shipping & handling. Contact Louise at 402-750-8580.
Rare Terry Redlin Art Print, From Alabama Collector
Passing Through, by Terry Redlin, S/N Edition, framed art print. Art sold framed or unframed. Asking Price $550.00 or best offer...shipping & handling charges discussed, ROD, 205-821-5054 cell or text. 
Non Profit Group Has Terry Redlin Print For Sale 
Terry Redlin
print, called Night Light, is a South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year Painting print from 1985, S/N, 1436/1500, currently framed. This print is being sold as a FUND raiser for a church group in Rapid City, South Dakota. "Help a church group". Asking $1,999.00, or BEST OFFER. Contact Tom, 605-484-9670. See the print! 
Terry Redlin Prints Available From Private Collector: 
Private Wisconsin collector has desirable Terry Redlin prints available: 
Evening Harvest
, framed, s/n edition, asking $975.00, or best offer. 
Lights of Home
, framed, s/n edition, asking $675.00, or best offer. 
Offered either framed, or unframed. Make reasonable offer, & shipping arrangements. Terry Redlin passed away recently at age 78. 
Contact: Richard 414-529-3358.
Private Terry Redlin Collector:
Terry Redlin framed print, "BACKWOODS CABIN," unsigned, open edition (not numbered), ready for the wall. Asking $400.00 or best offer. Contact VICTOR, cell or text, 330-243-5603.
Terry Redlin from Private Collector
TERRY REDLIN S/N limited edition prints, all custom matted and framed: 
   Harvest Moon Ball - $450; 
   Autumn Evening - $600; 
   Night on the Town - $350.
KEVIN DANIEL S/N limited edition, also custom matted and framed 
   A Mother's Patience - $220. 
Private collector located in Florida. Contact Jayne or Dick at 480-239-2410 (cell or text).
Art by Terry Redlin and Charles J. Johnson to help Habitat for Humanity
These artworks were donated to Habitat for Humanity to be sold.
Terry Redlin
Night Light
, South Dakota Ducks Unlimited, 1985, Sponsor Artist of the Year, S/N, 51/150, framed, asking $900.00 or best offer.
Evening Company, Minnesota Ducks Unlimited,1985, Banquet Print of the Year, S/N, 52/150, framed, (Artist Proof, possibly) asking $800.00 or best offer.
Delayed Departure, Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited, 1985, Banquet Print of the Year, S/N, 933/1500, framed, asking $800.00 or best offer.
Minnesota Duck stamp print, by Terry Redlin, S/N, 2816/4385, framed, asking $375.00 or best offer. 
Charles J. Johnson -
Signed & Numbered print,166/350, subject matter - Bison skull & a wolf image, asking $200.00 or best offer. Shipping & Ins. not included.
Contact: SARAH ROSE - 651-503-3998.
Redlin Image Plates Offered by Private Collector 
1980 - Night Watch, by Heartland 
1981 - Sharing the Bounty by Heartland 
1982 - The Birch Line by Heartland 
1984 - Sunny Afternoon by Heartland 
1984 - Leaving The Sanctuary by Heartland 
1986 - Back to The Sanctuary by Heartland 
There are no boxes or certificates. Plates are framed, or unframed. Oak frames are available.
Asking $45.00 each, your choice or best offer. 
Contact: Marcella 605.338.8880
Private Collector Selling Ducks -  Make An Offer
First of State duck prints offered for sale. Make an offer on these duck prints: some framed, some matted, others in folders. Examples: All Framed, 1987 Arizona, 1985 Georgia, 1985 Kentucky, 1984 Maine, 1985 Alaska. Also, Quail Conservation prints, stripped bass, Federals, USA & Canada. BEST OFFER + shipping & Insurance, shared. STAN: 317-440-3600 cell or text.
Major Wildlife Artist Collection:
Redlin, Kouba, Bateman, Meger, Doolittle, Plasschaert, Dan Smith, Olaf Weighorst, Lou Roman, Kevin Daniels, Van Glider, Charles J. Johnson, W. Guntlin, Dave Price, Jodie Boren and others, plus stamp prints, & some originals by Les C. Kouba. Call for details and print titles. Ask for Lori - 763-425-4151.
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