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This Ad Space Rented by
Edith Bierly
321-360-9435 cell 

Federal Duck Stamp Print RW 37 (1970-71) Ross' Geese by Edward Bierly

Federal Duck Stamp Print
1970-71 RW 37
Ross' Geese by Edward J. Bierly
  • Title: Federal Duck Stamp Collection 1970-71 - 1994-95
  • Artists: see full list below
  • Type: Prints in  folder,  Mint w/ Stamps
  • Signed: Yes
  • Image Size: 5" x 7"
  • Framed Size: Unframed
  • Background
  • Price: $9,000 + shipping and handling or best offer.

Contact Edith Bierly at:703-690-1257
              Arlen at: 321-360-9435

Federal Duck Stamp Print RW 39 (1972-73) Emperor Geese by Arthur M. Cook

Federal Duck Stamp Print
1972-73 RW 39
Emperor Geese by Arthur M. Cook
Federal Duck Stamp Print RW 46 (1979-80) Green-winged Teal by Lawrence Ken Michaelsen

Federal Duck Stamp Print
1979-80 RW 46
Green-winged Teal by
Lawrence Ken Michaelsen
RW37 1970-71      Bierly, Edward J.                      299/300      remarqued 
RW38 1971-72      Reece, Maynard                       256/950      m.r (colored by Maynard R 
RW39 1972-73      Cook, Arthur M.                      57/950 
RW40 1973-74      LeBlanc, Lee                            25/1000
RW41 1974-75      Maass, David                           (edition unnumbered-thought to be 3150) 
RW42 1975-76      Fisher, James P.                        2261/3150 
RW43 1976-77      Magee, Alderson                      430/1000    with companion piece 
RW44 1977-78      Murk, Martin R.                       3735/5800 
RW45 1978-79      Gilbert, Albert                           33/1350      remarqued 
RW46 1979-80      Michaelson, Lawrence Ken       65/1500      with companion piece 
RW47 1980-81      Plasschaert, Richard W.            801/12950 
RW48 1981-82      Wilson, John N.                        810/16000 
RW49 1982-83      Maass, David                           1897/22250 
RW50 1983-84      Schuler, Phil                             1691/17400 
RW51 1984-85      Morris, William C.                    5649/11500  Gold Medallion Edition
RW52 1985-86      Mobley, Gerald                        569/18200 
RW53 1986-87      Moore, Burton E.                     1682/16310
RW54 1987-88      Anderson, Arthur                      1688/20000
RW55 1988-89      Smith, Daniel                             785/22000 
RW56 1989-90      Anderson, Neal                         1505/20000 
RW57 1990-91      Hautman, James                        1505/14500 
RW58 1991-92      Howe, Nancy                            1505/10350 
RW59 1992-93      Hautman, Joseph                       1505/10500 
RW60 1993-94      Miller, Bruce                              658/14950 
RW61 1994-95      Anderson, Neal                          658/20000 
Contact Edith Bierly at: 703-690-1257
Arlen at: 321-360-9435


This Ad Space Rented by
Mr. Arlen Axdahl 

"Jack Rabbit" is one of Les Kouba's Arizona wildlife watercolors.
Jack Rabbit                   
  • Titles: 4 Arizona Watercolors
      Jack Rabbit, Ringtail Cat, Road Runner, Javelina
  • Artists: Les Kouba
  • Type: Original Watercolors
  • Signed: Yes, lower right
  • Image Size: 8" x 10," 9 " x 12" over all
  • Framed Size: Unframed
  • Background:  Les Kouba used to winter in Arizona. While there he would paint. These 4 are examples of some of his work while there.
  • Price: $1,600 + shipping and handling per watercolor
  • Contact: Send Arlen an email or call  321-360-9435 cell


"Ringtail Cat" is one of Les Kouba's Arizona wildlife watercolors.
Ringtail Cat                 
"Road Runner" is one of Les Kouba's Arizona wildlife watercolors.
Road Runner                 
"Javelina" is one of Les Kouba's Arizona wildlife watercolors.

Angus Shortt's untitled watercolor of Canadian geese
  • Title: Unknown 
  • Artist: Angus H. Shortt
  • Type: Watercolor
  • Signed: Yes, lower left
  • Image Size: 24'  x 24" approx.
  • Framed Size: 25" x  28" approx.
  • Background: Angus H. Shortt, 1908-2006, was a Canadian artist who did paintings depicting wildlife in the rough Canadian Rockies. He lived in Winnipeg, Canada. He died recently after painting for years for Ducks Unlimited Canada, illustrated books with wildlife art. Sought after by real true lovers of realistic Duck and goose paintings.
  • Price: $3,200 + shipping and handling.

Contact Arlen Axdahl at: 321-360-9435

Phil Scholar's "Gainey's Point" oil painting
  • Title: Gainey's Point
  • Artist: Phil Scholar
  • Type: Oil on Canvas - circa 1960
  • Image Size: 26'  x 34" approx.
  • Framed Size: 28" x  36" approx.
  • Background: Phil Scholar won the  Federal Duck print, in 1983-1984,  RW 50. Your chance to own a original  painting by this very talented Minnesota artist .
  • Price: $3,800 + shipping and handling.

Contact Arlen Axdahl at: 321-360-9435


Jim Hautman's "Early Morning" oil painting
  • Title: Early Morning
  • Artist: Jim Hautman
  • Type: Oil on Board
  • Signed: Yes, lower right
  • Image Size: 16'  x 20" approx.
  • Framed Size: 18" x  23" approx.
  • Background: Hautman is a winner of the Federal Duck Design, many times  over, plus his art is desired by collectors and dealers from around the country.     The signature on his art means desirability and high resale values, this is  your chance to own one of his  wonderful pieces for years to come . 
  • Price: $3,100 + shipping and handling.

Contact Arlen Axdahl at: 321-360-9435


Wood carving called "Flying Canvasback Duck" by an unknown carver
  • Title: Diving Canvasback
  • Artist/Carver: Name is Johnson (no first name or initial)
  • Type: Wood carving
  • Signed:
  • Weight: 4 lbs approx.
  • Height: 20"
  • Width: 24"
  • Background: This is a canvasback  diving. Small fish can be seen. The
    piece won the Blue Ribbon first place in the 1987 Western and Wildlife Show
    in the Twin Cities at the Radisson.
  • Price: $3,950 + shipping and handling, local pick-up most desired.

Contact Arlen Axdahl at: 321-360-9435


  • Title: The Picked Field 
  • Artist: Les Kouba
  • Type: Original Oil on Canvas, published  in Limited Edition
  • Signed: Yes, lower left
  • Image Size: 24'  x 36"
  • Framed Size: 33" x  40" approx.
  • Background: Corn field
  • Images: To view an enlarged view with several other views click here.
  • Price: $24,900 + shipping and handling.

Contact Arlen Axdahl at: 321-360-9435

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